10 Ways to Rock Conscious Clothing

Today’s conscious clothing brands are committed to fair business practices, eco-friendly fabrics, and smarter manufacturing processes to reduce waste and protect both people and the planet.

Plus, the limited editions guarantee exclusive bragging rights for you, the consumer.

It all starts with engaging in a more meaningful relationship to dress up.

Wear what you love. Love what you wear. Wear it until it wears out. We have ten ways for you to do just that.

‘Nobo Raw’ sweatshirt, 100% organic raw cotton, Grown, € 80

1. ‘Nobo Raw’ sweatshirt, 100% organic raw cotton, Grown, € 80

Track pants
“Kara” track pants in imitation sheepskin and recycled shell, Stella McCartney, € 595

2. “Kara” tracksuit pants in imitation sheepskin and recycled shell, Stella McCartney, € 595

“Cerena” cardigan, Baum und Pferdgarten, € 219

3. “Cerena” cardigan (85% TENCEL ™), Baum und Pferdgarten, € 219

90's retro sneakers, Flamingos Life, 140 €
90’s retro sneakers, Flamingos Life, 140 €

4. Retro vegan sneakers from the 90s, Flamingos Life, 140 €

'Waste Of Space' T-shirt, Stella McCartney, € 295
‘Waste Of Space’ T-shirt, Stella McCartney, € 295

5. “Waste Of Space” organic cotton t-shirt, Stella McCartney, € 295

Puffy jacket
Silver “Java” down jacket, Sézane, € 230

6. Silver down jacket ‘Java’, Sézane, 230 €

“Golden Years” Landscape Jumper, House of Sunny, £ 98_ approx. € 115.35

7. ‘Golden Years’ landscaped vegan sweater, House of Sunny, £ 98; about. € 115.35

Organic cotton 'Cosmic Eye' t-shirt, Grown, € 36
Organic cotton ‘Cosmic Eye’ t-shirt, Grown, € 36

8. ‘Cosmic Eye’ organic cotton t-shirt, Grown, € 36

'Blenheim' puffer bag, Cultthread, € 215.95
‘Blenheim’ puffer bag, Cultthread, € 215.95

9. “Blenheim” vegan puffer bag, Culthread (76.44% sustainable), € 215.95

'Chepstow' faux fur hooded coat, Culthread, € 521.95
‘Chepstow’ faux fur hooded coat, Culthread, € 521.95

10. ‘Chepstow Damazon’ faux fur vegan hooded coat (69.13% sustainable), Culthread, € 521.95


  • CULTHREAD: A slow fashion brand making coats and lifestyle products from recycled materials and designer surplus rescued from dead animals. Expect small tracks with special twists.
  • HOUSE OF SUNNY: Trendy essentials made to be cherished produced in small seasonal collections twice a year. Focus on affordable quality with an efficient manufacturing process to reduce waste.
  • GROWN: Irish planet-friendly brand whose organic cotton and recycled sweatshirts and t-shirts are locally printed using eco-friendly dyes – as standard, not the exception. Plant a tree for each tee.
  • FLAMINGO’S LIFE: Biodegradable vegan shoes handcrafted in Spain using materials such as waste corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and sustainably extracted natural rubber.
  • STELLA MCCARTNEY: Environmentally friendly and cruelty-free label recognized for its fabric innovations and commitment to products without fur or leather.
  • BAUM UND PFERDGARTÉN: The Scandi brand is committed to making beautiful, sustainable products by challenging conventional textiles and production techniques.
  • SÉZANE: Cult Parisian brand, proud of great transparency in its high-quality, haute couture collections.

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