5 most expensive accessories from Apple


Apple of course regularly brings beautiful devices to the market. However, sometimes the brand goes a little too far with certain products. We include these specials.

The new Macbook Pro looks really good and we can’t comment on the iPhone 13 either. However, some Apple products surprise us every now and then. Then it is often not the product itself, but the price associated with it. In this list, we share a number of products that we believe can be much cheaper.

Apple screen fabric

Of course, we will start this list with a special 25 euro cloth. Well, special? This is the problem. It’s 25 euros to claim for a screen cleaning cloth. A piece of fabric does nothing more or better than a regular piece of fabric that you can get in the store for less than a dollar. So it seems like a very smart move for Apple, as it is already sold in the US and here too the delivery time is too long. Making money has never been easier for the business.

A piece of fabric with a special gift. (Photo: Apple)

Mac Pro. wheels

Apple has created something fun for Mac Pro owners: wheels. Since the Pro was understandably expensive, Apple also figured it could order a significant amount of accessories. 4 wheels necessary sum 849 €. And no, these are not studded with gold or diamonds. In fact, you can’t even ski. You can get cheaper score wheels elsewhere.

Do you prefer to put the Mac Pro on your legs? You are much cheaper! but 349 € Ordering a few pieces of iron, it’s still strange.

Mac Pro.  wheels
Click / tap to enlarge (Photo: Apple)

Apple Pro. Platform

Well, the Apple Pro Display XDR is of course expensive (starting at $ 5,499). Do you want to set it up? So you ? – Do not be afraid. € 1.099 additional loss. And no matter how good that screen is, over $ 1000 for a piece of iron with a magnet you can attach the screen to looks fine to us. Like the previous instruments, this device is not gold or platinum. You can also tilt your screen using the stand, wow!

Apple Pro.  Platform
Please it will be 1099 euros! (Photo: Apple)

Bands for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a great smartwatch with a lot of features. The good thing about the tool is that you can modify it yourself to suit your style. So there is a choice of many different bracelets made of silicone and other materials. There are some nice things you can get in the Apple Store, but we just think it’s a bit too expensive for what you get. Asking € 49 for a rubber band is already very special, but asking € 99 for a braid is a bit of a stretch. Especially when you know that you can get the same type of belt on Ali Express 1.36 euros. So there is a big difference.

Apple Watch with braided strap. (Photo: Apple)

covers (leather)

We can of course put all kinds of covers here that we think could be a bit cheaper, but the MacBook Air leather case is probably the top. It’s a fairly simple shape and leather is of course an expensive material, but € 199? It could certainly be cheaper. But one shouldn’t draw too many conclusions either. Perhaps it belongs to a very rare llama that can only be found at the highest point of the Andes?

MacBook Air drags Apple
Would you pay 199 euros for it? (Photo: Apple)

Cleaning cloth for 25 euros … : sneeze_face: I am silent about this. Who would dare ask for that with a cleaning cloth ?? Likewise… who the hell is paying for this ?? And who among these people would dare to admit it openly? Tongue tight, eyes closed:

I find these wheels for one of the most expensive computers they’ve ever made with fewer issues. Although I am wondering if this can be justified on the basis of material and production costs. But yes, if you’re paying 8,000 to over 60,000 for a PC, you probably won’t have any problem paying $ 100 for it.

What one finds absurd may be normal for another. Personally, I find the third editorial on a rather silly polishing cloth. What great, high profile reporting is being done.

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5 most expensive accessories from Apple

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