5 things to do in Nevis

These are the 5 must-do things to do, see and experience in Nevis, the paradise island in the Caribbean.

Lush and secluded Nevis is the smaller of the 2 islands that make up the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. It is known for its sandy beaches, including palm-fringed Pinney’s Beach and sheltered Oualie Beach.

“Is Nevis safe?” is a common question I have been asked by other travellers. Obviously, visitors should take common sense precautions, but Nevis is as safe as Minnesota. Crimes against tourists are quite rare and non-violent when they occur. And if the Four Seasons Nevis is your home in paradise, the property is a secluded and secure resort, a completely private destination in luxury.

Enjoy Caribbean luxury

At Four Seasons Nevis, the adventures and experiences are endless, with a local Caribbean flair. From incredible golf experiences to top culinary dining, the Four Seasons Nevis is our favorite hotel in paradise for limin’ in luxury. Read the Four Seasons Nevis review.

Alexander Hamilton House and History Museum

A museum and historic site, this mansion marks the birthplace of the father of the National Bank of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. If you are a history buff, especially an Alexander Hamilton fan, this is a must see. The museum is quaint, but informative.

Also visit the new exhibition at the History Museum. It is professionally organized and easy to follow, with really interesting information that teaches visitors about the history of the island from pre-Columbian times to contemporary Nevis culture.

A large screen provides a chronological overview of milestones in the history of Nevis as well as around the world. A set of simple, succinct exhibits cover the slave trade, abolition, and later colonial history. There is a section on crops, especially sugar cane, which was once the economic backbone of this island. There is also more contemporary information about life on this island.

Refined and fun cuisine

Located next to the luxurious Four Seasons Nevis, within walking distance of the beach, is the luxurious yet charming Sunshine’s Bar Lounge & Grill.

Sunshine’s is a must visit in Nevis. It is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists located right on the beach. The outdoor bar/restaurant is extremely casual and friendly. The burgers, lobster salad, conch fries and chicken salads are all excellent. If you want to enjoy the beach view, buy a bottle of Killer Bee and drink all day. Sunshine’s staff are friendly and fun, and it’s on the nicest beach in St Kitts or Nevis (and a short walk from the Four Seasons Nevis).

5 things to do in Nevis

A delightful place to celebrate in Nevis is Luna Restaurant & Tapas Bar, located in the beautiful Cliffdwellers. Luna is both casual and elegant, relaxed and intimate with dinners served in a tropical garden courtyard inspired by Africa’s interiors in Ibiza. Dining under the stars in the courtyard was a wonderful dining experience in Nevis, which we highly recommend.

Luna Restaurant & Tapas Bar, located in the beautiful Cliffdwellers.

Mango, at the Four Seasons, offers an incredible upscale dining experience in Nevis on the beachfront. While in St. Kitts and Nevis, Mango offered the best dining experience on the islands, with Caribbean cuisine amazing and reggae music. Be sure to arrive early enough to watch the sunset, while enjoying Caribbean cocktails.

Adventure & Nature

Explore the rich nature and surroundings of the island. The highest point on the island of Nevis, Nevis Peak is a tree-covered and now dormant volcano. Although there hasn’t been an eruption since prehistoric times, there are still signs of volcanic activity in the area, including steam jets and natural hot springs.

Nevis Funky Monkey

For an island tour by mountain bike, we highly recommend Funky Monkey. Fun, safe and informative, our Funky Monkey ATV tour provided an adventurous overview tour of the entire island of Nevis. From Nevis Peak to the Sweets, the island tour by ATV was a highlight of our visit to this lush Caribbean island.

Next, visit the outstanding Nevis Botanical Gardens, a beautiful setting and a great place to spend a few hours. Not only were they not only greeted by the owner Christy, but they were shown around these beautiful and well maintained gardens by her.

Our hour in the Gardens was a real delight. A real “must see” if you are visiting or staying on the island. Immense love, care and professionalism has gone into the gardens and they are incredibly attractive. The gardens are home to a wide variety of tropical plants and fruit gardens, as well as wildlife including birds, parrots and tropical fish.

Nevis Botanical Gardens,

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Also visit the Old Bath House, where visitors can view the ruins of this grand 18th-century hotel and spa. Built in 1778, the once opulent Bath Hotel and Spring House was the Caribbean’s first tourist hotel, with the international jet set flocking to its therapeutic hot springs. Although no longer a hotel, the volcanic baths and relaxing landscaped gardens are open to the public.

Explore beaches including Oualie and Pinney’s

At the western end of Nevis, north of Charlestown, is one of the best-known beaches on both islands. Pinney’s smooth saffron-colored sands often adorn the glossy pages of travel publications, and for most travelers, the beach lives up to its hype. There are several snack shacks on the beach nearby and ample parking as well. Pinney’s is a 24/7 public beach, so spread out your towel and plan to hang out for a bit.

Located in Nevis, north of Pinney’s, Oualie Beach is easily accessible from St. Kitts. Water taxis can pull straight to the adjacent dock so you can walk to shore.

The sand of this beach is soft and less rocky than some of the other shores of these islands. I also enjoyed the calm and warm waters of this beach. You can also enjoy spectacular snorkeling in the clear waters and there are also rental kiosks for other water sports.

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