7 celebrities who gave their crew members expensive gifts

Celebrities often give their crew members expensive gifts as a keepsake after having had a great time on set.

Working with famous people on set is a fun experience in itself, but receiving from them makes the experience more enjoyable. For some time now, the actors have made significant encounters with their staff by offering them gifts as a special way of thanking them. Some gifts given are small but sentimental, but some skills are expensive and lavish. Take a look at expensive and thoughtful gifts from stars to their film crews.

6 Harry Styles Flowers and Gifts

Harry Styles has been cast to star in a psychological thriller movie directed by Olivia Wilde titled Don’t worry darling as Jack paired with Florence Pugh as Alice. After filming ended after filming was stopped due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the main cast expressed their appreciation to the crew with a gentle gesture. Lead actors Styles, 27, and Pugh, 25, sent flowers and small gifts to the crew who worked tirelessly for their film during the pandemic. As seen in the photo posted by one of the crew members, a token of appreciation included flowers with boxed gifts and a handwritten card.

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5 Oprah Citrus Juicer

Oprah Winfrey is known for giving extravagant gifts to her teams. The very first black female billionaire gave each of her A wrinkle in time throw in and equip a juicer that costs around $ 399. She shared these gifts at a private party she hosted for the show. She even teased the giveaway on her Instagram, saying she hadn’t been so excited since giving away cars. However, before revealing her gift, she said it was the same juicer she uses every morning to make fresh juices and that she wishes everyone at the party had some. one too.

4 Tom Cruise Holiday Gifts

While everyone is enjoying the holiday season, relaxing and unwinding at home, the cast and crew members Impossible missionThe back-to-back eighth and seventh season productions are working hard to complete the film. So Tom Cruise and Pom Klementieff decided to give the cast and crew some holiday gifts to appreciate their efforts and hard work. It’s unclear what the gift is, but it’s quite expensive and not just a $ 20 Amazon gift card at first glance.

3 Zendaya Actions

Zendaya is the main actress of the film Malcolm & Marie and the producer of the film with John David Washington. The stunning Zendaya, 25, handed out financial shares of the film to crew members to show their appreciation for their hard work which contributed to the film. It has been reported that team members will receive a portion of the proceeds of the $ 30 million paid for the film once it is sold to Netflix. Zendaya thinks that giving a portion of the profits to the crew members is the right thing to do, given that they are the ones who made the film possible. Team members received a 1% share in the film, or $ 300,000 with the film’s price tag of $ 30 million.

2 Rolex watches from the Kardashian family

Just before Keeping up with the Kardashians eventually shut down the air, it was reported that the reality TV stars gave the 30 crew members their reality TV show. Rolex watches cost around US $ 300,000 or around $ 10,000 each. TMZ reported that the show’s stars Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris gave everyone the watch and thanked each member of the crew with speeches. The speeches included their fond memories of filming the reality show, and after the speeches, they surprised the team with the Rolex watch. The crew also shared their favorite things on the set of the show, and some said they had stayed with them over the years because it was fun working with their family.

1 Keanu Reeves Custom Rolex Submarines

Keanu Reeves is considered one of the nicest people in Hollywood, and giving expensive gifts to his stuntmen is further proof of that, not to mention a personalized watch with the crew’s names on it. Shortly after the film was shot John Wick: Chapter 4, he gave his four stuntmen personalized Rolex submarines that included the stuntman’s name on each watch. Each watch would cost around $ 10,000. The watches were offered at the closing of a dinner for the film in Paris. The look has their name engraved on it and a personal note from Keanu saying Thank you with code JW4 2021.

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