Adonis King Collection launches a personalization option for its canvas bags, catering to the needs of the modern jet-setter

Fashion-forward consumers now appreciate stylish duffle bags and backpacks customized to add a unique touch with fun, colorful hand-painted accents.

SAN DIEGO, January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Adonis King Collectionthe eponymous brand of the iconic young fashion designer, announces personalization for its sports bags and canvas backpacks to reflect the unique style of everyone who wears fashionable items. Personalized features add a fun, colorful and artistic way to wear a bag that’s truly yours.

The creative process allows buyers to select the look, with options for hand-painted monograms, colored bands, designs and a selection of stickers. The paint on the canvas shapes the character of each piece, with the consumer choosing colors and positioning to play a role in the final design.

The brand and its founder are known for pushing new boundaries, breaking rules and overcoming boundaries.

“Our fabulous, eye-catching bags have a sleek, modern style and vibe,” King said. “With our personalization services, we go one step further by letting the true owner design part of what will become their go-to bag. We’ve set the frame. The rest is up to everyone to change their look and enjoy carrying our bags with them as they venture into their next adventure.Our craftsmanship continues to inspire dreams, challenge the status quo and give each piece a unique new soul.

King is a risk taker. When all the odds were against him, he kept going up. Overcoming myocarditis at 22 prompted him to expand his dream of an inclusive and ever so stylish fashion line designed for the modern-day jet-setter. Today, J-Lo, Beyonce and other fashion-conscious celebrities enjoy wearing and carrying her luxury items.

Under King’s direction, all bags are made by a team of artisans who meticulously follow every step from cutting to fabric arrangement to deliver pure luxury at a great price. King encourages people to travel with his pieces and explore new cultures and experiences as he likes to do for inspiration and fulfilment.

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On Adonis King Collection:
Founded by an iconic fashion designer Adonis King, the eponymous brand has developed a Gen Z celebrity and following for inspirational travel gear with modern style and elegance. Designed for today’s jet-setter, items are on par with well-known luxury lines, but priced affordably to be inclusive and in touch with today’s generation.

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