Amber Midthunder Brings Indigenous Style to the Red Carpet

Amber Midthunder made waves as one of Hollywood’s first Native female action heroines by starring in Preythe latest action-horror installment Predator franchise now. In the film, she plays a young warrior who must defeat an alien species to save her people on the Comanche Nation. “I was interested in the opportunity to show native people in a period piece and what our culture and way of life was really like,” Midthunder said. vogue the role of barrier breaker. For the film’s press tour, the star also continued that energy with her stellar fashion choices: Midthunder chose to spotlight Indigenous designers on the film’s various red carpets. “The first thing I said [for this press tour] was that I always wanted at least one Indigenous designer or jeweler on my body,” says Midthunder.

Native jewelry was a focal point. For press interviews, she wore two pairs of long dangling earrings by Indy City. “I also wore a pair of dentalium earrings that [the film’s producer] Jane Mhyers did for me in London,” Midthunder shares. The star has also embraced indigenous ready-to-wear brands. For the film’s premiere in Los Angeles this weekend, Midthunder wore a long dress embroidered with flowers of Sky Eagle Collection‘s designer Dante Biss-Grayson, who is Osage. She also delivered more traditional sets. For a screening at Beyond Fest in California this weekend, she wore a Predator– themed ribbon skirt made by her friend Kylei Big Bow (Kisikahwskew); Traditionally, ribbon skirts are worn as insignia at powwows and during cultural ceremonies. “I was thrilled to go back to my roots and go classic with my ribbon skirt and loafers,” Midthunder said.

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In addition to these indigenous brands, Midthunder also wore a few dazzling dresses from mainstream luxury brands, including a black Dior dress and a Valentino print mini dress. However, her fashion highlights during the press tour all trace back to her own cultural clothing. “Indigenous artists are an untapped resource in any field,” says Midthunder. “We have been storytelling since the very beginning. You look at our fashion – we’ve been making sense of what we’ve been putting on our bodies for so long. It’s a different level.

Below, more of Midthunder’s best red carpet moments.

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