Apple issues costly shock to millions of iPhone users


Apple’s 2021 iPhones are far from cheap (including repair headaches), but they got even more expensive after Apple made significant price changes.

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Spotted by MacRumors, Apple has quietly slashed trade-in values ​​across nearly every iPhone lineup, with only two models escaping the cuts. The newer models are the hardest hit, although there are some surprisingly large cuts for the older models as well.

Apple details the new prices on its official exchange website, but you can see the previous values ​​and the size of the change for each model below:

It is important to note that these are “up to” prices, which means that these are the prices you can expect to receive for trade-in models in perfect condition. So if your iPhone is showing signs of wear and tear, you can expect to receive a lot less.

Apple also cut trade-in prices for iPads and Macs. IPads have seen smaller discounts of around 5%, although trade-in prices for Macs and MacBook Pros are slashed by up to 15%. Interestingly, Apple hasn’t cut Apple Watch’s trade-in values ​​despite launching the Apple Watch Series 7, which makes it a good time to upgrade if you’ve been in two minds.

Needless to say, you’ll get better prices from eBay, Decluttr, and Swappa, although the simplicity of going straight to Apple has huge appeal for many. That said, if you’re still not sure if you want to upgrade, the first iPhone 14 leaks (showing “a complete design”) might keep you waiting now.


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