Being a disembodied hand won’t stop this cop from doing justice


What happens when you take Thing from the Addams family and give them a handgun license? You get Michael McWrist, a loose cannon detective wrapped up in one disembodied right hand.

Handcop is a very strange and very real game currently being developed by Brazilian developer Jeff Ramos. Working as a one-man shift, Ramos had Handcoped in the pipeline since at least february, although Handcop really grabbed the internet’s attention with a gif posted on Reddit last week with the blinking caption “Too lazy to animate the whole body”.

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Talk to IGNRamos emphasizes that this is not just a gimmick. The developer wants Handcop to be a truly compelling stealth action game, using your petite stature to fight your way through the bad guys. There are dashes, kills, melee combat, and throwable weapons, with blueprints to add rings that boost your stats.

“Different from most comedy games, the shoot is real here,” Ramos said. “It’s very satisfying and the headshots are superb.”

Ramos has been playing with prototypes of disembodied hands for some time, a habit he says started when he “played soccer with my wife and saw a TV commercial featuring the Addams family hand. “. One of them is even playable on Itch, a neon cyberpunk shooter called Hand of Pain developed for a game jam last September.

(Image credit: Jeff Ramos)

Since then, Handcop has adopted a more disheveled 80s cop style, with a striped shirt and loose tie. Ramos is currently seeking funding and an editor to help make Handcop a reality. He believes the game has the potential to be “a lot more than a solo developer without funding” can do, but even if it doesn’t find funding, it looks like he’s determined to make Handcop a success. reality.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it’s finished. To find?

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