Bobbi Lockyer debuts new Gantharri collection at New York Fashion Week

Fresh off the Country to Couture runway, Gantharri debuted a new collection with the New York skyline as the backdrop.

Founded by Kariyara, Ngarluma, Nyul Nyul and designer and artist Yawuru Bobbi Lockyer, her new collection is inspired by the salty air and beaches of Port Hedland.

In July, Lockyer said her NYFW collection will include a touch of native wildflowers.

In September, Lockyer revealed that the prints for the new collection were a partnership between her and fellow artist Nyul Nyul Lowell Hunter.

The prints in her new collection are an eclectic mix of bird’s-eye drone images of the blue ocean and the orange sands of Australian beaches.

Complimenting the prints, Lockyer’s painted art in his bold, luminous colors of purple, blue, pink and yellow.

Lockyer said she and Hunter worked together using different mediums to create different prints and artwork.

“He makes beautiful sand art drone footage where he creates art in the sand and then captures it with his drone,” she said.

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“We have collaborated before where I painted on one of his projects.

“So we created four beautiful prints on our eight designs.”

For Lockyer, it’s the stories of her childhood and the Pilbara landscape that she’s most looking forward to bringing to New York.

“I love incorporating our storytelling, the vibrant colors and also the landscape of the Pilbara where I grew up,” she said.

“The landscape is so beautiful, the ocean, the red earth, the wildflowers.

“So all of that plays into my fashion and my artwork.”

Lockyer said she hopes this particular collection will help her become an iconic designer in the industry, not just an Indigenous designer.

“I’m incredibly proud to be part of this Indigenous runway at Australian Fashion Week,” she said.

“(But) I don’t want to be recognized as just an Indigenous designer either, I want to be recognized as a designer to elevate our entire crowd.

“That’s why New York looks really special, I go there because they like my designs, not just because I fit into that kind of club.”

  • The trip to New York was supported by Roy Hill and Paspaley

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