Caesarstone to Unveil 8 New Nature-Inspired Designs, Including the Pebbles Collection, at the Interior Design Show

Sensory installation designed by Alessandro Munge

TORONTO, March 2, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – Celebrating its 35and anniversary in 2022, luxury quartz brand Caesarstonewill showcase eight new nature-inspired surfaces at the Interior Design Fair (IDS22) with an immersive installation designed by Canadian designer Alessandro Munge. Neo Colosseum – presents the new launch of Caesarstone “Collection of pebbles”, – and promises to take visitors on a whimsical, sensory journey of land, art, nature and expression.

Left to right – Pebbles Collection in Agger Grey, Alessadro Munge, Pebbles Collection in Wyndigo (CNW Group/Caesarstone)

The installation highlights the Pebbles collection, a series of durable surfaces in a dynamic palette of warm gray monochromes interwoven with softer hues that nurture, comfort and calm, bringing the goodness of nature to the heart of the home.

I was inspired by the new Pebbles collection and really wanted to spark the curious nature and imagination of those who pass through this space by immersing them in the beauty of Caesarstone products and what the earth has to offer,” says Alessandro Munge from Studio Munge. “Neo Colosseum is meant to ground you, to provoke you and to propel you towards the discovery of what could be.

The new designs embody Caesarstone’s core values ​​of sustainability, safety, human touch and heart of home, making the Pebbles collection a perfect way to mark the brand’s 35th anniversary. Like all Caesarstone surfaces, these designs are created with the same effective resilience and timeless benefits as all Caesarstone countertops. Non-porous, durable, hygienic, heat and scratch resistant with low maintenance supporting their commitment to a healthier environment and better use of material resources.

“This year we felt truly inspired by our need to incorporate calm, serenity and softness into our homes, which has truly led to the evolution of our Pebbles collection,” said Ken Williams, President and CEO of Caesarstone, Americas. “We strive to be a leader in design, innovation and sustainability and are extremely proud to share this launch with the Canadian design community.”

The five colors in the Pebbles collection are:

  • 1001 Riverlet: A soft off-white touched by honeyed amber capillaries that flow gently over the surface, with a honed finish for a cool hue that reflects more light in the kitchen. Available in honed finish.

  • 1002 Wyndigo: Warm earth gradients wash over a soft greige surface veined with mossy grey, capturing the two-tone mottled patina of a pebble. Available in honed finish.

  • 1003 Raindream: Two coats of slate gray are accented by soft dark gray strokes contoured in neutral highlights with a finish that gives the surface the appearance of wet river stone. Available in polished finish.

  • 1004 Rock Strike: Two shades of sage gray with soft mineral undertones and subtle gray veining that complement this calm complexion. Available in honed finish.

  • 1006 Agger Gray: A rich two-tone base of warm smoky grays with delicate clay undertones and white veins that create a two-tone surface. Available in honed and polished finish.

In addition to the Pebbles collection, Caesarstone will present three vivid new designs, also inspired by nature, intended to reveal the play of the elements across endless landscapes.

  • 5161 Icelion: A breathtaking landscape of frosty whites pierced with elegant gray strokes that mimic great geological movements and honor the enduring presence of nature. Available in polished finish.

  • 5820 Darrest: A mysteriously dark earthy base, enriched with tiny specks and sediments with a veil of organic ochres and brownish greens like the erosion of a rocky hillside. Available in honed finish.

  • 5121 Layalite: The purest white like fresh snow that melts in wide, wide-spreading streaks, gently exposing the rough grays of the underlying metamorphic rock, creating an emotive effect. Available in polished finish.

Building on the success of previous collaborations with jonathan adler, Marije VogelzangSnarkitecture, Jaime Hayon and Tom Dixon, Caesarstone’s Designer program is entering its 8th year as a source of art and innovation. This year’s collaboration with Alessandro Munge is no exception, promising to inform our understanding of the natural world and its influence on our everyday living spaces.

Neo Colosseum ” presented by Caesarstone and Alessandro Munge as well as the new designs will be launched at the interior design fair from April 7-10 at the Greater Toronto Convention Center. For more information visit,

About Caesarstone: Caesarstone is a concept and lifestyle driven company with a customer-centric approach to the design, development and production of high-end engineered stone countertops used in residential and commercial buildings. Our products offer superior aesthetic appeal and advanced functionality through a distinct variety of colors, styles, textures and finishes used in various countertop applications, marked by inherent longevity. A strong commitment to service has fostered growing customer loyalty in more than 50 countries where Caesarstone product collections are available: Classico, Supernatural, Metropolitan and Outdoor. For more information, please visit our website: | Facebook| instagram| Twitter|




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