Clothes don’t make a man (woman)


The senior year gives us a chance to start over

By Nicole Patano ’22

On Saturday August 28, a day before my planned move to Providence College, I sat in my room and finally started packing the clothes I would bring with me to campus. It wasn’t until I started this process that I realized why I had handed the wrapping back on at the last second possible.

I never felt comfortable walking around campus no matter how hard I tried to project otherwise. If you see me, I usually wear a dress or heels or some funky, ‘edgy’ outfit. When I chose to study remotely last year, I subscribed to the “business up, party down” sartorial method for class, pairing blouses with sweatpants and fluffy socks. Unfortunately, this is not socially acceptable attire for in-person classes.

As soon as the hustle and bustle of repeatedly climbing four flights of stairs slowed down and I still had to put away what I had just packed the day before, the same tight feeling rose in my stomach. I was worried about my outfit for the first day of class, when and where I would have lunch and dinner, and how the hell I could get a newspaper published in less than three days. What was not on my radar was a faulty smoke detector, which woke me and my roommates at 5 a.m.

As we sat in the hallway and waited for someone to fix the detector, I found myself laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Despite all that I worked to make sure I had the most perfect and productive first day of class, my plans were thwarted. Yet even though I cursed my bad luck, I was grateful for the extra three hours of morning productivity.

I would have liked to have had this mentality in first year; However, as I spoke with another member of the Editorial Board on Wednesday morning, she made me realize that I and all of the PC students had the opportunity to redo the first year. Now, I’m not saying you’ll be able to make bad roommates or bad feelings in your stomach go away; However, I think you can use this fresh start to reflect on your experiences and make this the best freshman year you have ever had.

As I learned during my time at PC and this week alone, how you react to a situation matters more than actual experience. The next time you find yourself faced with a difficult decision or uncomfortable circumstance, treat it like a piece of clothing and take it off, so to speak. This will make you feel much lighter.

And if this year does not work, you know what they say: the third time, it’s a charm (except seniors).

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