Clothing warehouse in Montgomery County, Pa. Needs donations after storm damage


NORRISTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) – The Blessing Warehouse in Norristown, Pa. Opened in July. The company’s mission is to help people in need find free clothing.

However, their warehouse was flooded in last week’s storm, ruining the majority of their clothing.

“We’ve lost thousands and thousands of items of clothing that we’re trying to give away for free,” said Kenneth Sharpe, warehouse co-owner.

The Clothing Warehouse, located at 320 West Main Street in Norristown, is designed to serve underprivileged communities in the area by giving them free clothing.

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The warehouse owners opened their doors again on the day of the flood, trying to give people whatever could be salvaged.

“That’s when they need us most. The day we were hit, people literally knocked on the door,” said Angela Sharpe, warehouse co-owner.

On Wednesday, teams began cleaning up the damage. While the clothes and shoes on the shelves in the upstairs section of the warehouse are in good condition, the volunteers say they will go fast. Still, the team remains hopeful, embracing each other, grateful to be safe. The stuff can be replaced.

“We have a great team, and when you have a great team, it means the world,” said Mary Ellen Shewchuk, a volunteer.

The owners hope that people can donate clothes and shoes to restock the warehouse. They come in all sizes, and the best time to donate is Thursday through Saturday 10am to 2pm.

For more information on the Blessing Warehouse, CLICK HERE.

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