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By Steve Fisher

For the Salisbury Post

God puts many different people in our path throughout the journey of life… for many different reasons. Some to comfort us, to challenge us, some to teach us, some to take care of us or allow us to take care of them… the interactions are endless. But every now and then we meet the person whose purpose is simply to walk alongside us and share our journey. I have been fortunate in my life that one of these people was Daisy Carleen Fink.

From the moment I took my first breath, Daisy has been a part of my life. In the 55 years that I have been on this planet, Daisy or Mr. Paul (or both) have regularly walked through the doors of F&M Bank. I grew up with her as part of my family… she worked at F&M with my father, and her son Dwayne and I were childhood friends and teammates. Some of my earliest fondest memories of Daisy include: having a frozen lemonade in the shade of her carport on hot summer days after playing basketball on Faith’s courts with Dwayne, having her heard encouragement shouting shyly from the stands at a baseball game in East Rowan or calling me early in the morning at college to help me “fix” my checking account before dad found out. She helped train me as an F&M cashier during my college summers… and she continued to train me as a teammate until the day she passed away.

Daisy had a doctorate in “service”. She was a valedictorian at Granite Quarry High School. My grandfather recruited her to F&M, where she will spend the next 63 years teaching a master class in service. She was competent, kind, patient, empathetic and radiated positive energy through her smile and disposition. She set the standard of service at F&M that we strive to achieve every day. For Daisy, it was all about helping people. She was a social worker disguised as a banker… wearing her faith and kindness on her sleeve for all to see.

For me personally, she was a mom, mentor, teammate and friend. She has shaped my life in so many ways, through intentional acts and silent examples. Like my dad, I really am a better person for sharing my journey with her.

Last week I turned my head for a moment and it continued around a turn in front of me. I’m sure she and Dad are there waiting for me to catch up … luckily they are patient and will allow me to travel at my own pace. The journey is difficult but they taught me to navigate the path and to avoid the pitfalls that await me. I couldn’t ask for better travel companions and look forward to the day when we reach our destination, together.

Steve Fisher is CEO of F&M Bank. Her memory of Daisy Fisher was part of her “banknotes” for the November employee newsletter.

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