Dazzle celebrates 25 years of jazz

Jazz is one of America’s quintessential creations – one that continues to influence and inspire, even for people who don’t consider themselves to be fans of the genre. Dazzle, Denver’s Jazz Nightclub, has been one of the key places to keep this art form on stage in Mile High City for the past quarter century. And it starts 2022 with a birthday party on several evenings, marking 25 years of operation.

“We’re dedicated to great music and people know that every time they come to Dazzle the music will be phenomenal,” said Kelley Dawkins, Marketing Manager at Dazzle, 1512 Curtis St. “With our menu, we’re a great way to have a fun and energetic night out without you having to put a lot of energy into it. And we’ve done a great job building a local audience that feeds the love of jazz.

The first performance of the anniversary celebration will be Convergence with Roberta Gambarini at 6.30 p.m. on January 7 and 8. Rico jones and Maximum light will be featured in the 9:30 p.m. show on January 7. The 9:30 p.m. performance on January 8 is called “Dazzle Mixtape” and will feature the 2018 Grammy nominated and violinist Sara caswell, saxophonist Anisha rush, trombonist Marc Patterson, pianist Jacquelyn Schreiber, bass player Gabe Rupe and drummer Colin Stranahan. The final show will take place at 6 p.m. on Sunday January 9 and is Patterson’s “Group Stories” with Dale Bruning and Caswell.

According to the information provided, Dazzle started in 1997 at 930 Lincoln St. before moving to its current location. Like every other concert venue, it struggled during the pandemic, but Dazzle went out of its way to make things a little easier for the musicians. This led them to participate in their Bread & Jam program, “a weekly VIP jam session where musicians can rekindle old musical relationships and find new ones.” They also get a hot meal out of the deal.

“We wanted to reconsider our place in the great Denver music community because we want everyone to win,” Dawkins said. “We do our best to support musicians in any way we can. “

Although jazz is not the most popular genre, it still arouses the passion of fans of all ages. And Dazzle wants to stay there for musicians to share their love of form.

“Traditional jazz often appeals to older audiences, and while there is always an audience for this music, it’s nice to see the different ways jazz evolves. There are so many blurry lines between genres, which means it’s very easy to switch from jazz to R&B and pop, ”Dawkins said. “Dazzle has always loved being the little club in the middle of Denver where you can hear amazing national and international performers and great local music. But now we’re heading to the place for the best local music, with occasional national and international artists stopping by. “

For tickets and information, visit dazzledenver.com.

Kiss the sky at Wings Over the Rockies

Wings over the Rockies presents a new exhibit for the 2022 kick-off – one that celebrates some of aerospace’s greatest achievements. To the sky: breakthroughs in Flight is on display at the museum, 7711 E. Academy Blvd. in Denver, which is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

According to information provided, artifacts on display include fabric from the Wright Flyer that went to the moon with Neil Armstrong, an American flag signed by Charles Lindbergh, fabric from the Lockheed Vega that Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Atlantic and more. Visit WingsMuseum.org/Skyward for more information and tickets.

Factory Fashion celebrates drag culture

Factory mode kicks off the new year with a program to help teens reveal themselves. Slide preteen fashion starts Sunday January 9 and lasts the rest of the month, with one-off sessions and a multi-week course that teaches attendees everything from wig maintenance to makeup and performance techniques. The series ends with a final performance at Stanley Market on Saturday January 30.

Part of the Aurora-based community art collective, Factory Five Five, Factory Fashion is located at the Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St., Suite 200, in Aurora. For more information and to register, visit factoryfivefive.com/fashion.

Clarke’s Concert of the Week – Charley Crockett at the Ogden Theater

Charley crockett is one of the most prolific and underrated musicians in music today, living in the nebulous space between blues and country music. His crooning style is straight out of classical country music, while his guitar playing is also indebted to blues legends. Last year he released “Music City USA”, not only its best but one of the best of the entire year.

Crockett will perform at Ogden Theater, 935 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver, at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Jan.8. Make sure you don’t miss it by purchasing tickets at axs.com.

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