De Beers and RAD Red Carpet Advocacy Partnership Showcases Black Jewelry Designers

Two African charities, One Girl Can and African Women Rising, benefited as actress Sarah Paulson wore Botswana diamond earrings created by Jamaican jewelry designer Mateo to the 73rd program. Primetime Emmy Awards in September 2021. Paulson wearing the earrings at the The prestigious awards program was representative of the mission of “BlackisBrilliant,” a partnership between the De Beers Group and RAD Red Carpet Advocacy.

The goal of the partnership is to bring together talented black jewelry designers with prominent celebrities to showcase the creative talents of black designers and provide young people entering the industry with some visibility. According to Sally Morrison, public relations manager for Natural Diamonds at De Beers Group, it’s difficult for a freelance designer to display their work at Red Carpet events. Through the partnership of the best top designers and stylists, designers can create jewelry for a particular client and event.

Mateo, a self-taught designer who has made a name for himself around the world and whose jewelry collection has been chosen by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC to be sold to the African American Museum of Art and Culture, participating in the # BlackisBrilliant is on helping Africans who need it most. Mateo responded to repeated requests from De Beers to be part of the campaign, and once he realized Botswana was involved, he jumped at the chance.

Thanks to the program, it is possible to trace a diamond to help women in Botswana, which is the main reason why Mateo decided to join the program. A diamond can be traced to villages and communities to see how it helps black women and Africa in places that have suffered from the exploitation of their natural resources for years. With its program, De Beers offers significant opportunities for black designers to make jewelry that features ethically sourced diamonds from Botswana. Each time a black designer is matched with a celebrity, the firm makes a donation to a charity chosen by the designer.

The partnership began at the Met Gala 2021, with New York-based jewelry designer Jameel Mohammed of Khiry working with stylists Wayman and Micah to create the jewelry worn by Kiki Layne called “Black Power International”. According to Mohammed, the name was inspired by his recognition that it was the legacy of contributions from blacks around the world that formed the basis of the collection. It has been a sign to the diaspora at large and to the world that power is contained in the shared histories of blacks and that there is great potential for future collaborations.

the De Beers Group produces natural diamonds and obtains diamonds from Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. It is committed to using sustainable practices, as well as to increasing diversity and inclusion in its value chain.

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