#DelhiLiqourScam: Who is Kanika Reddy?

She was a passionate entrepreneur until the other day. She has kept high-level contacts on par with chief ministers, and she has the power to reach any chief minister of any state within minutes. His name suddenly appeared in the Delhi Liquor Scam which is being investigated by the Law Enforcement Branch. The ED believes that JetSetGo, a private jet company, is involved in the booze scam. Kanika Reddy owns the business.

Not only the general public, but even those with modest knowledge, are unaware of its existence. Only VVIPs and those above are supposed to know about her abilities, and she is none other than kanika Tekriwal Reddy. Kanika is the wife of Aurobindo Pharma Director Sarath Chandra Reddy, who is the son of ycp MP Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy. Sarath Chandra reddy is the older brother of Rohith reddy, the son-in-law of vijayasai Reddy.

Before talking about her, it is essential to note her achievements in a short time. Kanika Reddy founded a company with an investment of Rs.5600 which reportedly reached a turnover of Rs 500 million in ten years. She was named Asia’s Best Entrepreneur in the Forbes Under 30 category five years ago. kanika was born and raised in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, in a Marwari family. She founded the company “Jet Set Go”.

Jet Set Go is into private flights and charters private jets for rich and dirty people who want to travel privately to their selected destinations. If someone wants to rent a private plane, their company is in charge of making it happen. Kanika Reddy had a desire, and she worked hard to achieve it. Kanika Reddy was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 22 and defied all odds. She founded this company and was instrumental in creating a brand for “Jet Set Go”, similar to ola and uber for vehicle and taxi services.

Kanika holds a degree in economics and a degree in visual communication and design from ooty high school. She studied for her MBA in London and aspired to be a pilot. She put her goal aside and learned about the Indian private jet industry, which piqued her interest.

Kanika returned to India and approached her parents with the idea. Kanika’s parents, however, were unconvinced and she was diagnosed with cancer at the same time. She had completed the treatment and had overcome the cancer. Kanika arrived in Delhi in 2014 and launched “Jet Set Go”. His business has grown gradually and by 2020 it will have eight aircraft and 200 employees. Kanika’s ‘Jet Set Go’ service will have carried 1 lakh people on 6,000 flights by 2020-21. For the needs of their customers, they offer six-seat charter flights up to 18-seat trips.

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