Designer Kelly Wearstler launches several new spring collections

The Morro chair, shown here in feather coin, draws inspiration from 1970s French and Italian furniture as well as mid-century Japanese furniture.

LOS ANGELES — Designer Kelly Wearstler is showcasing several new collections this spring, including additions to her own furniture and home accessories line, as well as two launches in her online gallery — collaborations with the Los Angeles-based ceramicist Angeles Morgan Peck and Israeli designer Hagit Pincovici.

Wearstler’s first debut was the Morro collection which included a series of tables, lounge chairs and sofas inspired by the shapes that defined French and Italian furniture design in the 1970s.

She said this period saw drastic changes in furniture design, with each element taking on a monolithic form as if cut from a single piece. The collection also draws inspiration from mid-century Japanese furniture with many pieces low profile and balanced on spherical solid oak legs that make them appear to float, according to the designer.

“The bold, curvaceous shapes of the Morro collection are both elegant and playful, the true embodiment of California style,” Wearstler said. “Whether they take shape in wood, stone or soft upholstery, the materials shine in their elemental forms.”

To showcase the collection, Wearstler photographed a special installation at West Hollywood’s historic Schindler House, a 1920s California home that also sought to advance new living concepts.

Wearstler has also teamed up with Los Angeles ceramicist Morgan Peck on a new collection called Contour that includes large-scale vases, bowls, plates, candlesticks and mirrors.

Each piece features a unique composition inviting the user’s own interpretation.

“I feel very inspired by Kelly’s ability to design layered interiors that don’t fit into one category,” Peck said. “We both share an instinct for absorbing different elements from historical designs and blending them with something from the present.”

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