Dreamcast turns 23 today, RIP SEGA’s latest console

The SEGA Dreamcast turns 23 today, and to celebrate, we’re looking back at the system’s legacy and how it helped innovate the video game market.


The Dreamcast turns 23 today. The system was one of the most interesting game consoles ever thanks to its online connectivity with games like Phantasy Star Online and an actual web browser, and its impressive VMU memory cards which served as storage as well as portable handhelds. Dreamcast’s VMUs have interacted with specific games like Sonic Adventure, providing a separate playable mini-game called Chao Adventure this could result in the main game.

The Dreamcast was a big hit at launch. SEGA had originally hoped to make around $41 million in sales, but managed to more than double that figure – the Dreamcast sold $97 million worth of consoles, games and peripherals (source: The Baltimore Sun). In fact, the SEGA Dreamcast was so successful that it set a world record as the biggest entertainment retailer in US history (source: Peter Moore).

This popularity, however, did not last. In total, the Dreamcast sold around 10.2 million units worldwide and was demolished by the PlayStation 2, which became a widespread sensation as the cheapest DVD player at the time – and it turned out that he also played extremely popular games.

SEGA actually lost a lot on the Dreamcast; reports indicate that SEGA lost up to $400 million in early 2000 (source: Reddit).

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Even still, fans fondly remember the Dreamcast. The system’s stellar launch range has only gotten better over time, bringing games like the ultra-weird Seaman, Space Channel 5, Ikaruga, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star Online, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Soul Calibur, and many more.

SEGA continues to make games these days and is doing quite well – the company makes billions every year from its lucrative mix of free and premium games – but we just have to wonder when and if it will ever throw its hat down. the hardware ring. The current chip supply market makes that extremely unlikely…but maybe another day.

Check out some must-see videos on the history of SEGA Dreamcast below:

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