Edgar San Diego advocates nationalism in his first exhibition


Fashion designer and artist Edgar San Diego (center) and daughter Abby San Diego (right) with SM’s senior vice president for marketing communications Millie Dizon.

Edgar San Diego recently showcased his talent in art and fashion in “Baro’t Saya Tuwa at Ligaya”, his first solo art exhibition, at the Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall.

With the theme “Homage of Joy to the Filipina and Her Traditional Attire Amidst the Pandemic,” San Diego underscored its love for the beautiful Filipina, traditions, costumes and production design. He intentionally made the colors bright and the subjects happy to create positive vibes in the midst of the pandemic.

San Diego went from fashion design to visual arts at the start of the pandemic lockdown. When he ran out of things to fix at home, he decided to take back his brushes and called his canvas supplier.

He asked his daughter Abby to pose for the desired angle and lighting and from there he based his first obra maestra titled “Portrait of an Old Soul 1. Therefore he created 1 or 2 paintings per week, which he all presented during his first solo exhibition.

San Diego says his works are his personal statements about nationalism.

“My paintings are steadfast in their presentation of Filipino themes, evident in the costumes, furniture, sets and storylines that are found in my canvas. These are expressions of my love for the country and its history.”

He added: “I hope that through my visual creations I can encourage and inspire others, especially the younger generations of Filipinos, to develop an interest in our country’s fascinating history and our rich cultural heritage. “

The exhibit also featured the artist’s hand-painted Filipino dresses, including a Maria Clara top over a green cola skirt; a powder pink Maria Clara dress with black accents on baro, pañuelo and carpet; and a modern Maria Clara wedding ensemble, among others.

San Diego graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a Fine Arts degree majoring in Advertising. He then worked as a hand painter on formal wear for a number of Filipino designers. This gave him early exposure in the fashion industry, especially in fashion design. He also worked as a showcase artist, which allowed him to deepen his knowledge in fashion marketing.

Working with passion to improve his art, he was invited and became the youngest pioneer of the Philippine Fashion Designers Association of which he eventually served as president for 8 years.

A percentage of the sales of Baro’t Saya Tuwa at the Ligaya Art Exhibition will be donated to the special services of the Jose Reyes Medical Center. Baro’t Saya Tuwa at Ligaya Art Exhibition is one of many exciting art and fashion events at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.

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