Evening Reading – January 31, 2022

Good evening, Shacknews, it’s night time, which means it’s time for the evening reading. Let’s officially close our publication day. Please take a look.

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And now… More Internet Stuff!!!

American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland is getting a TV adaptation

The dark, gothic video game picks up the classic Alice in Wonderland story and appears to be getting its own TV series. According to The Hollywood ReporterDavid Hayter will serve as showrunner for Radar Pictures.

Your daily dose of sudoku

Today, Simon tackles a sudoku filled with thermometers and killer cages.

Dunkey returns to 2021

There were a lot of gems last year, as well as a lot of duds.

Dark Souls 3 speedrun story

It’s always amazing to hear how tips and problems are uncovered and then turned into new leads.

Zelda map in LEGO

It’s breathtaking.

Jet Set Radio Future Jacket

This jacket is awesome. What is the quality of the JSRF?

King of the Hill Screen

I’m pretty sure this episode is about the Y2K bug.

How long until the NFT thing is over?

I can’t believe that monkeys, of all things, are the defining feature of the NFT movement.

Casting a sick shadow

I’m a fan of this meme.

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