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KOCHI: After the so-called antiques dealer was arrested, video of singer MG Sreekumar at an event on a TV channel claiming that a luxury Corum watch and black diamond ring were given by his friend Dr Monson Mavunkal is widely broadcast these days. However, people close to Monson have said that the watch and ring offered to Sreekumar were most likely fakes, sourced from the Bengaluru National Market and New Delhi’s Chandni Chowk.

Known as “seconds” or “replica” watches, almost all models of luxury watches are available on the black market. We learn that Monson bought replica watches on the black market and offered many to prominent personalities. The price of an Admiral model of an original Corum watch will amount to a whopping Rs 55 lakh.

Like vintage and imported cars, Monson has also befriended movie stars, other celebrities, and senior law enforcement officials by giving gifts that seem very expensive and rare. Most of the time it offered watches, sunglasses, rings with “precious” stones, ornaments, perfumes and paintings supposedly of ancient value.

Ajith Nettoor, who had worked as a Monson driver for more than 10 years until early this year, said they were first copy products. Ajith said he accompanied Monson to these markets to purchase such items. “These watches, perfumes, sunglasses and rings that Monson gave to his famous friends come from the Bengaluru national market. He also bought such products in New Delhi. These are first copy products. A duplicate of a luxury watch worth several lakhs of rupees is available in these markets for only Rs 4,000 to Rs 10,000. He has maintained friendships with celebrities by offering such goods. Maybe those who received the freebies never realized that these were just first copy products, ”he said.

He also said Monson had previously gifted adornments to his close friend who is a movie star. However, the star later learned that the adornments were fake, after which the two got into a fight. “But later the issues between them were sorted out. Until Monson’s arrest, the movie star frequented his house, ”Ajith said.
A YouTuber who made a video of Monson’s antique collection also told media that the accused gave her a painting of Lord Sreekrishna claiming she was around 400 years old. After Monson’s arrest, he realized that the painting was not antique as he had been told.

Two people who donated money to Monson received Porsche and BMW cars. Later, they learned that these cars were used cars bought in Bangalore. Likewise, he also gave six luxury cars to a businessman from Pathalam in Kochi which also turned out to be used cars.

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