Feather 4 Arrow collaborates with surf artist Matthew Allen

Feather 4 Arrow adds even more vibe to its new collection with a collaboration from internationally acclaimed surf artist, Matthew Allen. Allen and the Southern California-based kids’ lifestyle brand share a love for the beach life and it shows in every piece of this new Resort and Spring 2023 collection. From vibrant color combinations to reworked favorites Allen’s artwork, the collection is packed with exclusive graphics and exciting print designs. The Feather 4 Arrow x Matthew Allen collection will include Feather 4 Arrow’s signature vintage t-shirts and hats, as well as their best-selling “upcycled” and “recycled” UPF50+ swimwear for boys. Launching nationally to wholesale buyers on July 16 at the internationally acclaimed SWIM show in Miami, Florida.

Courtesy of Feather 4 Arrow

The Feather 4 Arrow x Matthew Allen collaboration features Allen’s renowned surf style artistry and the many influences that have defined his world. Its interpretation of graphics and unique color combinations bring a playful twist to Feather 4 Arrow’s always well-made and tailored separates, vintage tees and award-winning UPF50+ swimwear. One of Allen’s favorite graphics is “I SURF SMALL WAVES” which he says resonates with so many people young and old. Allen says “There’s often a lot of hubris associated with surfing, and riding bigger, more dangerous waves is glamorous, but surfing is often the most fun when the waves are accessible.”

This is Feather 4 Arrow’s first time offering a collaborative collection, but Matthew is no stranger to creating custom art for brands like Condé Nast, Converse, Pottery Barn, Ron Herman and many more. Like many of his works, this collection celebrates his love of the beach and the culture that accompanies it. “The beach is a place for play and the idea of ​​play is woven into this collection and much of my work.” When creating for Feather 4 Arrow, I wanted to make art fun. I tried to imagine what a child would love to wear and followed this thread.

Jaime Reise, founder/designer of Feather 4 Arrow, bought her first artwork by Matthew Allen at the Greenroom in Waikiki 5 years ago for her son and has been a fan ever since. “I finally got to meet Allen a year ago and approached him with the idea of ​​doing a collab. I felt his surf vibe would be a great compliment to our brand. I’m thrilled with the outcome of this collection and how we were able to create fun and wearable works of art.

Making waves and making history, this collection is a high-quality, comfortable canvas for Matt Allen’s coveted work. It’s an open invitation to have a little fun while looking and feeling good.

The Feather 4 Arrow label is acclaimed for the strength of its vision and for bringing innovative freshness to the market. Their collections are selected from the highest quality Premium, Up-Cycled, Re-Cycled and UPF50+ Sun Protective fabrics to align with our ever-changing world. Both free and chic, their collections are comfortable, carefree, well thought out and designed to withstand wear and tear without sacrificing quality and comfort.

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