From Chris Gayle to Virat Kohli: 5 cricketers from around the world and their expensive mansions

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Cricketers are as well known as Bollywood stars when it comes to celebrities. A few hundred or wickets in the field are simple stepping stones into the glamorous world. And, if they’ve established themselves as key members of the team, they’ll probably make as many endorsements as they do games in a year.

Virat Kohli- Delhi Indian cricket captain’s bungalow in Gurgaon is one of the most expensive houses on the list, costing Rs 80 crore. It is located at Gurgaon DLF City Phase-1, Block C. Virat Kohli’s house is 700 meters long and has a swimming pool, gym and some of the best interior design pieces in India . Although we can’t guarantee anything, we’re pretty sure the beautiful estate also has a cricket ground!

Rohit Sharma – Mumbai: The vice-captain of the Indian team and captain of the Mumbai Indians, has set up a chic pad for him and his wife on the 29th floor of the sumptuous Ahuja Towers. The 600 square foot apartment has four bedrooms, one of which can be used as a guest room or a children’s room depending on your needs. The large property offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea as well as a small, functional conference space.

MS Dhoni Farmhouse – Ranchi: The holiday home, like all the other cricketers’ residences on the Ring Road in Ranchi, has an indoor cricket stadium for Dhoni and little Ziva. The expansive view from this farmhouse overlooks its huge garden and lawn. Along with the traditional swimming pool, gym and various bedrooms, this mansion offers a 5-star dining experience.

Chris Gayle Mansion – Jamaica: Chris Gayle’s grand mansion in Jamaica has received a lot of media attention, and rightly so. The three-story luxury structure features a swimming pool, dance floor, theater and billiards, as well as sweeping views of the city below. Gayle has plenty of room to stage her spectacular parties!

Saurav Ganguly Palatial home – Kolkata: Ganguly is a proud man to stay true to his heritage. While Dada spends most of his nights in hotels as chairman of BCCI, he loves his Kolkata home and has not moved. Why wouldn’t he, after all? There are 48 rooms in the mansion, as well as a cricket ground. It is a four story house with plenty of room for 50 people.

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