From fancy cars to expensive homes, here’s actor Naresh’s net worth

Lead actors Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh have been a hot topic in Tollywood for quite some time now. Their reported affair has been in the limelight. Let’s take a look at the assets and properties of actor Naresh that are worth hundreds of crores.

According to reports, Naresh has assets worth Rs 200 crores. This includes his possession of four expensive cars, a caravan and several properties in Hyderabad and Chennai. He also recently purchased an expensive sports car.

He is also known to have expensive homes in Hyderabad and Chennai. Apparently he owns apartments and farms. The actor charges around 40-50 lakhs for each movie. He also owns a luxurious caravan worth 5 crores, which he specially bought in Mumbai. The caravan has every facility that can be imagined.

Recently, Naresh’s third wife also came forward in front of the media when she attempted to attack the reported couple with slippers. Naresh and Pavithra can be seen walking out of a hotel room together in the video, while Naresh’s third wife, Ramya, can be seen holding a slipper. The couple were separated but not divorced. Ramya also made headlines when a police complaint was filed against her for deceiving five women out of Rs 40 lakhs on behalf of her husband.

Naresh is the son of popular Indian actress Vijaya Nirmala who was a fan favorite in the 60s and 70s. She left her first husband and married Krishna soon after. She has played leading roles in many Telugu films and impressed her audience with her acting talent.

After his passing, his property went to Naresh. Naresh has been in the industry for almost 50 years and has been able to garner many fans and fortunes through time and hard work.

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