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The Nightingale

After the simple thrills of The Babadook, Jennifer Kent has turned to more factual horrors for her equally touching next film. Set in 1825 in Van Diemen’s Land, AKA Tasmania, during the so-called Black War, it’s a brutal and harrowing story following Irish convict Clare (a heartbreaking Aisling Franciosi), married with a baby and forced to serve a host of racist colonial soldiers. Her mistreatment by her British commander, Lt Hawkins (Sam Claflin, oozing in disgust), leads her to a devastating act of violence, which sets her on a quest for revenge. In the process, Clare finds common ground with her native guide, Billy (Baykali Ganambarr), whose people face genocide.
Saturday October 15, 11:20 p.m., Film4

All about Eve

Show business… Gary Merril, Gregory Ratoff and Bette Davis in All About Eve. Photography: 20 Century Fox/Sportsphoto/Allstar

“Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be an eventful night. Joseph Mankiewicz’s delightful drama about backstabbing the world of theater could also apply to the Hollywood that produced it, with an aging actress sidelined by a younger Bette Davis is masterful as Broadway leading lady Margo Channing, who takes young fan Eve (Anne Baxter) under her wing only to find she’s a cuckoo in the nest. not meet today’s expectations, but there are plenty of animated characters to enjoy.
Saturday, October 15, 10:55 p.m., Talking Pictures TV

Most Wanted Muppets

Kermit and Ricky Gervais in Muppets Most Wanted.
No blinking… Kermit and Ricky Gervais in Muppets Most Wanted. Photograph: Jay Maidment/AP

Unfazed that this is their seventh sequel (they’re even singing a song about it), the resentful favorites return with an enjoyable comedy centered around Kermit’s setbacks. His doppelganger, master criminal Constantine, plots with Ricky Gervais’ Dominic Badguy (the clue is in the name) to throw the frog into his Siberian gulag while he takes the Muppets on tour as cover for a series of heists. There’s the usual stunning array of celebrity cameos (Usher is an usher; Christoph Waltz waltzes), Tina Fey has fun as a prison warden, and Bret McKenzie writes more nimble tunes.
Sunday 16 October, 2.15 p.m., BBC One

twelfth night

Bakary Koné in Twelfth Night.
Telling stories… Bakary Koné in Twelfth Night. Photography: Publicity Image

Inspired by Scheherazade in One Thousand and One Nights, but with elements of Greek tragedy, Philippe Lacôte’s immersive, sweaty drama immerses us in a jungle prison in Ivory Coast where the convicts rule. The ailing boss of Blackbeard (Steve Tientcheu) chooses a new Roman – a griot style storyteller – choose a recent arrival (Bakary Koné), who quickly realizes that when his story is told, he will be sacrificed. Roman’s story of ancient monarchs and criminal anti-heroes is a compelling blend of oral tradition, movement, song and role-playing, in a film that borders on myth.
Sunday October 16, 1h35, Film4


Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga in Loving.
Against all odds… Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga in Loving. Photo: Focus Features/Rex/Shutterstock

Richard and Mildred Loving were a couple in 1960s Virginia who defied a state law against interracial marriage, then took their case all the way to the Supreme Court to let them legally stay together. Jeff Nichols’ moving version of their story revolves around Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga’s standout performances as a devoted couple. He plays a man of few words, reluctantly in the spotlight; as she shines with optimism but, being black and female, is more aware of the dangers she faces. SW
Tuesday, October 18, 11:45 p.m., BBC Two

In Brugge

Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell.
Hanging out… Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell. Photography: Aliyah

With the superb The Banshees of Inisherin slated for cinemas on Friday, Film4 has scheduled Martin McDonagh’s previous three films for your consideration – Seven Psychopaths follows that film, while Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is on Thursday. The thriller In Bruges showcases the writer-director’s darkly comedic style perfectly, with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson (also paired in The Banshees) as bickering hitmen holed up in the Belgian tourist town after a job is done. gone wrong. A movie that deftly balances its gangster genre trappings with a sharp, wacky wit. SW
Wednesday, October 19, 11:35 p.m., Film4

deer skin

Jean Dujardin in Suede.
On edge… Jean Dujardin in Deerskin.

Jean Dujardin of The Artist fame stars in this surreal yet oddly believable French dark comedy about a man obsessed with a coat. Georges (Dujardin) spends all his money on an expensive buckskin jacket, then moves into a mountain hotel, where he devises a plan to rid the world of all other jackets. He’s a pathetic character, but it’s terribly fun to watch his twisted mission, as he convinces local bartender and future editor Denise (Adèle Haenel) that he’s a filmmaker, involving him in his exploits of more more horrible. SW
Friday, October 21, 12:30 a.m., Film4

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