Hallmark Christmas Movies Inspire Creativity, Clothing Choices | Community voice

Since December 1, I’ve planned outfits almost every day based on what I think the characters in the Hallmark Christmas movies might wear. I created a character for me who lives in a town called Christmas. I imagine myself as a bookseller, a member of the region’s chamber of commerce and involved in the city.

I also have a somewhat secret identity. My outfits were therefore adapted to certain scenarios, based on the ideas of our office manager; from formal sweaters to skirts and high boots to cute pants and ankle boots. Even my casual Friday looks were used to run the bookstore for days spent wrapping gifts and baking cookies. This is the diary entry for my Hallmark Christmas movie character.

Wow, December has been so crazy, but crazy hectic in a good way. The By the Book & the Newspaper bookstore is buzzing with constant customer traffic. It’s great to see a city of readers. Fridays and Saturdays are very busy, but people have patience and holiday spirit to spare.

What can we say about our Christmas town? It’s a fiercely loyal community where people really want to help others. It is not perfect by any stretching. There are quarrels and people argue.

I helped organize a charity tea party. The pink outfit that day turned out to be a winner. There were a few takes that I was portraying of a certain 1980s movie (“Pretty in Pink”), but it suited me. It was a sweet time with sweet tea and sweeter friends.

When planning for the winter evening, I had to make sure to dress warmly with a sweater and boots. Owners of the barn event space save money by lowering the temperature unless they are fully utilized. It’s a tough climate, but with the right handling, it’s worth seeing the horses.

I left the bookstore a few times with my new young recruit. She seems to be enjoying Christmas and I believe that one day she could start her own small business in town. When the store closes, she likes to bake cookies with me.

I was asked to be a judge for the gingerbread house contest. I’m an old softie at heart and it’s really hard to score something too low.

The city really stepped things up with the Christmas Parade and Winter Evening. Really everyone is involved in one way or another. The kids are so cute in their costumes that look like gifts and elves. Then the city painted itself Christmas red for the evening. From the mayor to this bookseller, those who attended looked like Cinderella and her prince had come to party. Speaking of which, my employee and her boyfriend get along really well. Maybe I helped with the love match.

Anyway, I am the fierce protector of this community. Like Jack Frost, we’ve been around for a while. After all, if you translate my name, Kellie means warrior in Gaelic and Holly in Old French means holly.

Even a town called Christmas needs support every now and then.

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