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For five decades, Bruno Rey’s delightfully curved chairs have been highly sought after collector’s items. Known for its screwless construction and playful silhouette, the Rey chair was an instant hit when the Swiss industrial designer created it in 1971. Thanks to its enduring popularity, HAY now partners with original furniture manufacturer Dietiker to respectfully reinvent the entire Rey collection in brand new colors.

Refreshing hues like deep blue, mint green and scarlet red expand the classic collection, which includes the iconic chairs, stools, coffee table and dining table. But purists need not worry: original finishes like natural beech wood and black are still available. Although the dimensions have been tweaked slightly to better suit modern living, the key elements of the design remain the same.

The Rey chair didn’t need much updating because it always looked perfect. The result of Bruno Rey’s countless experiments, its wooden frame is brilliantly attached to the seat with die-cast aluminum brackets and zero screws. This then revolutionary mechanism is responsible for the exceptional sturdiness of the chair and its distinctive floating appearance. Plus, it’s easily stackable to maximize space.

From the start, the Rey chair was offered with an upholstered seat for extra comfort and it is still an option today. Minimalist, monochromatic upholstery is true to Rey’s vision, which was known for being a well-balanced blend of form and function. This timeless design principle is precisely why his designs have been bestsellers for over 50 years. They’ll never go out of style, so go ahead and buy one (or a set) for yourself. We know we will.

Courtesy of HAY

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