Heinz launches ketchup-stained clothing line

White shirts and red sauces can be a destructive combination. But as part of a new promotion, Heinz — a notorious purveyor of a white-shirt-destroying condiment — has decided to not only embrace its ability to stain shirts, but to flaunt it all the way. They teamed up with a vintage clothing brand to release deliberately ketchup-stained shirts.

The king of ketchup has teamed up with Oakland-based thrift store brand ThredUp on the Heinz Vintage Drip collection, billed as a “first-of-its-kind” fashion line featuring “157 pre-owned streetwear and designer pieces, each with a unique Heinz ketchup stain” sold exclusively through the ThredUp website. The final big boast: “Because when it’s Heinz, it’s not a stain, it’s a statement.”

Adding to the transience of this bespoke collection, the stains are real Heinz ketchup, meaning they’ll likely fade over time.

Courtesy of HEINZ

“We saw an opportunity to consider the stain we left on clothing as another iconic brand symbol and change the narrative,” said Alyssa Cicero, Heinz Brand Manager. “This collection is all about celebrating the character that Heinz ketchup stains add to clothing in an enduring way, inviting our fans to embrace an iconic new symbol.”

Meanwhile, ThredUp suggests now is a great time for brands to jump into used clothing, stating that more than half of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers say they’ll be looking for a second-hand before buying it new and that the second-hand clothing market is expected to grow three times faster than the overall clothing market by 2026.

“At thredUP, we believe that every garment deserves a second life, even the victims of summer barbecues,” said Erin Wallace, vice president of integrated marketing for ThredUp. “We’re thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like Heinz to create the first-ever line of ketchup-stained second-hand clothing, celebrating reuse. This collection offers a unique way for fashion risk-takers and food-lovers alike. participate in the circular economy, while doing good for people and the planet.”

Courtesy of HEINZ

Continuing that last point, the brands claim that 100% of the proceeds from this collaboration will go to Rise Against Hunger to support the fight against world hunger.

The Heinz Vintage Drip collection – which the brands say was “intentionally designed to be inclusive across size and gender” with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL – will be available for purchase online in the US and in Canada exclusively on ThredUP.com/HEINZ via two separate drops. The first drop will be on August 30, followed by a second group of “more exclusive items” which will drop on September 13.

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