Hottest Remembrance Day on record and high temperatures expected to continue | UK News

The UK recorded its highest ever temperature on Armistice Day, and the hot weather is expected to continue through the weekend.

Mild highs in November saw temperatures hit nearly 20C on Friday, nearly two degrees higher than the previous record set 45 years ago.

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland also set new provisional individual temperature records.

The highest was recorded in Myerscough, Lancashire, at 19.5C, followed by 19.0C in Lossiemouth, Scotland.

Magilligan in Northern Ireland hit a high of 17.4C and Hawarden in Wales hit 16.9C.

The Met Office tweeted: “Today the UK experienced the hottest Armistice Day on record, tentatively beating the previous record of 17.8 degrees Celsius set in 1954 and 1977.

Due to unseasonably hot weather, “unusually mild” conditions were seen across the UK, the agency added.

Warm conditions are now expected to continue over the weekend, with Saturday looking “unusually mild” and Remembrance Sunday expected to be “very mild”.

Temperatures of 19C or 20C are possible across the country, but the west may experience a few patches of rain.

Why will it be hot day and night?

Explaining why it will be hot day and night for the rest of the week, Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said it was due to a high jet stream in the atmosphere.

He said the “fast-moving ribbon of air” dictates the country’s weather and is currently drifting across the north of the UK.

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“In this position the UK is on the warm side of the jet and in this small ridge we have a large area of ​​high pressure dominating across the near continent,” he said.

“This jet stream will however feed some weather fronts in the northwest and bring rain here, but the main talking point I guess will be temperatures.”

Scotland potentially experienced a record mild mild November night with temperatures topping 13C on Thursday evening until the wee hours of Friday morning.

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