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A voting measure that would have relaxed Boulder’s occupancy limits has failed, while a measure that would ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products in Boulder is in the lead but remains too close to be officially called.

Rooms are for people, which would have allowed all dwellings to be occupied by a number of people equal to the number of legal rooms, plus one more person per house, is lagging behind from the start but has started to fill the ‘deviation in subsequent updates Thursday. However, with Friday’s last update, the opposition continued to lead with 52% against the measure and 48% in favor.

“We are blown away by the momentum of our movement and the thousands of people who have joined us along the way,” Co-Chairs Eric Budd and Chelsea Castellano said in a statement. “Young people, tenants, people who support social justice and climate action ran in an odd-year election and voted for change. Boulder now has the first Majority Progressive Council in decades.

Lisa Spalding, of the Bedrooms campaign opposition group, said a future occupancy limit ordinance should be fair for all and socially and environmentally sustainable.

“It has been a long and difficult campaign, but we look forward to working with Bedrooms Are for People supporters and the new City Council to create an ordinance that will ensure greater access to housing that is both affordable and respectful of our neighborhoods. established. “Spalding said in a statement.

The Humane Clothing Act, on the other hand, remains in the 600 votes with 51% supporting and 49% opposing it. Supporters see it as a low-stake measure that could be replicated in other Colorado cities or at the state level, while opponents of the ballot measure, many of whom are local business owners, argue that the language of the ballot is vague and that the measure could have unintended consequences. on their stores.

The third ballot measure initiated by residents, which would have required a vote on the CU Sud annexation agreement, maintained its position with 57% of voters opposing it and 43% supporting it. Campaign organizers with Let Voters Decide on CU South’s annexation on Wednesday focused on the upcoming referendum, which will force a vote on the recently approved annexation deal guiding flood mitigation and development. potential on the 308 acre CU South site owned by the University of Colorado Boulder.

The remaining voting measures, including a 15-year extension of the Boulder infrastructure tax, were overwhelmingly supported by voters in Boulder.

According to Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Molly Fitzpatrick, Friday marked the last election update until the polling deadline, military and overseas on Wednesday. The last unofficial post will be on Nov. 12, Fitzpatrick said.

According to Fitzpatrick, there are 480 reserve and manual process ballots that will be definitively counted and 572 potential ballots that may not be counted pending in Boulder races.

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