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The all-rounder adds much-needed heft to India’s command

Ravindra Jadeja’s rise as a Tests hitter couldn’t have come at a better time, as in the recent past, India lacked the middleweight they were used to. While his 175* at Mohali came with the team in relative comfort, Jadeja often provided the much-needed padding the Indian stick needs, even in home testing.

In terms of overall numbers, Jadeja has been one of the key hitters for India over the past five years, scoring 1441 runs at an average of 46.48. With a threshold as low as 300 runs scored by any hitter in that span, only Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have higher averages. Naturally, for someone hitting No. 6 and No. 7 largely, the average should go up due to a higher number of unbeaten innings. What stands out in Jadeja’s case, however, is how many over fifty scores he has batted largely with the lower order. In 43 rounds, he crossed 50 on 14 occasions – once every 3.07 rounds on average. That’s just a fraction less than how often Rohit (13 in 39 innings) and Kohli (25 in 75 innings) have scored in the past five years.

Moreover, 551 of Jadeja’s 1441 points have been scored with India already on six occasions in the innings. That means 38.2% of his runs came at bat with the lower order. No one among hitters with a cut of at least 1,000 runs in the last five years has been so productive. Even Jason Holder, who is the next hitter on this list, is at 29.3%, nearly 9% behind Jadeja. And if you think R Ashwin at bat at No. 8 helped his cause, like he did in the first innings here, then think again, because Ashwin averaged a mediocre 20.11 with the bat during this period.

Mohali was another example of how Jadeja plays a crucial role in India with massive totals. The all-rounder scored 140 of the 223 runs his side made after the sixth wicket fell to eventually finish on 574.

The average tally put up by the Test teams over the last five years is around 300. Jadeja scored 1074 runs at an average of 63.2 when India scored 300 or more. He made 11 scores over fifty in those innings. Over the past three years, Jadeja’s role in India in achieving such totals has become even more important. He contributed 49.2 runs per more than 300 innings, more than Kohli’s contribution in the last three years.

Seventeen of those 25 innings by Jadeja came with him having to strike with the lower order (after the sixth wicket fell), and he contributed 37% of the runs India scored under those conditions. Only one man has done better in the past five years. (min. 10 batting innings after sixth wicket falls)
By making the highest score by an Indian at No. 7 or less, Jadeja highlighted the value he brings to this team. Not since the man he took the record from, India has had a better all-rounder because let’s not forget he is also very good with the ball.

Shiva Jayaraman is Senior Stats Analyst at ESPNcricinfo @shiva_cricinfo

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