Internet gushes over clothing store named “Pakistani Attire” in India


A clothing store in Ludhiana, Punjab India has been named ‘Pakistani Attire’. The shop sells Pakistani dresses and is started by 36-year-old Puneet Kaur.

The store photo went viral on social media and received immense love and appreciation in Pakistan. While Pakistani netizens were excited but a little puzzled due to the rise of anti-Pakistani sentiments in India.

According to Indian media outlet Indian Express, Puneet Kaur (36) said: “I have been importing costumes, dupattas, kurtis, clothes, etc. for almost seven years. Pakistani from Pakistan. I have never received any negative remarks or comments for naming my shop Pakistan name. “

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No difference between the people of India and Pakistan

She added: “With the exception of a comment or two on Facebook where people told me not to promote Pakistan, no one, including my family, friends or clients, has ever had a problem with that. Pakistani fashion is so unique and the costumes are so well designed that the women of Punjab, in fact, all over the northern region, are big fans of Pakistani clothes and love to shop for them. I have clients from all over the region who always appreciate our work.

The store owner says her customers come from all communities. “We are all first of all human beings and God is one. There is no difference between the people of India and Pakistan. I have been dealing with Pakistanis for years and they have always been very nice. No one has ever pointed out the name of my store in Ludhiana and they always ask curious questions about the products we carry, ”said Kaur.

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The photo was first published by Jasbir Singh Jogi in ‘India Pakistan Heritage Club’. Since then, the post has been inundated with comments from Pakistani members who expressed their joy and appreciation for the clothing store. Many Pakistani users have expressed their wish to visit Ludhiana in their ancestral homes.

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