It’s official: Frogs have won the Summer Games showcases

Did you notice anything strange in today’s Not-E3 showcases? A feeling that the lily pad might be a bit crowded lately? They are frogs, dear readers. They’re everywhere right now, and I can’t understand why they seem more common than even sci-fi horror games. (opens in a new tab).

We noticed frogs popping up a few times during the Guerrilla Collective showcase, but it was Wholesome Games Direct that really opened the floodgates for a deluge of frogs. frog rifle (opens in a new tab), a game where your weapon is a frog, appeared at both. Olliefrog: Toad Skater is a no-brainer, but did you see a frog appear in the Skate Story glass underworld hellish shredder (opens in a new tab)?

Here Comes Niko sported a frog friend, A Frog’s Tale is a frog tale, and Chris argued that even though Schim isn’t about a frog, the dark soul creature jumps and tumbles through ponds. dark as one. Not to mention River Tails, Paradise Marsh, Kitori Academy, Cult of the Lamb, Fox and Frog Travelers, and damn it, I could really go on.

So what’s the problem ? Well, maybe there’s the fact that frogs are mechanically very neat. They can leap great heights, are capable on both land and water, and as Frogun has proven, these sticky stretchy tongues have endless potential for clever and interesting interactions. But it’s probably just that the frogs are really just pretty cute little beans, all with big eyes and bright colors and sweet, smiling faces.

Anyway, it’s settled. Frogs, not haunted space stations or a bizarre abundance of stardewlikes, won this year’s Summer Games Fest.

It’s just a shame Frog Detective 3 (opens in a new tab) has yet to appear – I’m sure the second best detective in town could get to the bottom of the infamous frogs case.

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