Julie Andrews’ husband thought Mary Poppins was ‘a bit mean on the inside’

There are a few actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood who managed to mark several generations of moviegoers. Julie Andrews is one of those rare stars, an actor who burst onto the scene with classics like The music sound and Mary Poppins and made some interesting career decisions in the 2000s and beyond.

While many fans know Andrews for his role in The Diary of a Princess, those of a certain generation know her better as Mary Poppins, the precise and somewhat magical English nanny. In a recent interview, Andrews opened up about making the iconic 1964 musical, revealing why her ex-husband, who worked on the film, thought the character of Mary Poppins was “a bit of a badass.”

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‘Mary Poppins’ is a classic musical

Andrews began her career as a sensational singer, impressing dignitaries and celebrities with her incredible vocal range. In the early 1950s, Andrews made his Broadway debut, performing and singing in shows like The boyfriend and my lovely lady. Andrews made his film debut in the 1964 film Mary Poppinsa highly publicized adaptation of the popular book series by PL Travers.

The film, a unique combination of live action and fun animated sequences, tells the story of two children in London who struggle to connect with their overworked father. Mary Poppins, the magical nanny who flies around town on a breeze, is not only able to mend the relationship between the children and their father, but also helps build trust between the children.

Dame Julie Andrews’ husband thought Mary Poppins was ‘a bit naughty’

Andrews became a star thanks to the success of the film Mary Poppins, subsequently appearing in a series of popular films. The actor worked hard to make the magical nanny a full-fledged character, even collaborating with her then-husband Tony Walton, who worked as a costume designer on the film.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Andrews discussed how Walton’s vision helped bring Mary Poppins to life.

“Tony was extremely talented and created my costumes, he would talk to me about it and he would say, ‘You know, you’re very primitive and correct on the outside, but I think Mary Poppins has some kind of secret life, maybe , and I will give her, when you open your coat or when you turn around and dance, you will see marvelously colored petticoats and marvelous linings of your garments.

Julie Andrews in an interview with Vanity Fair via Youtube

“He said, ‘because I think that’s what makes him happy,'” Andrews said. “‘Very formal on the outside and a bit naughty on the inside, so to speak.’ And that completely gave me a clue about his character. A big, big help for me.

Julie Andrews is a beloved cultural icon

Clearly, Andrews was open to advice when creating the character of Mary Poppins – and perhaps it was this collaborative approach that helped make the film such a big hit when it was released. As one of Disney’s most popular and enduring films, Mary Poppins is now considered a cinematic classic that holds up remarkably well, even more than five decades after its first theatrical release. It spawned a sequel film, numerous stage productions, and a slew of merchandise and brand partnerships.

As for Julie Andrews, she’s a movie icon in her own right – a star who shines brightly not only for her ability to create interesting characters, but also for her innate grace, dignity and charm.

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