Kolkata Man in Saree, Bindi is the Desi representation we needed on the streets of Milan


Fashion marketing and communications student Pushpak Sen made waves on social media with her latest photoshoot. Sen, from Calcutta, recently caught the eye by posing in a sari on the streets of one of the main fashion hubs, Milan. Sen wore a black saree topped with a blazer in the now-viral photos shared on his Instagram account. He also donned a red bindi and original sunglasses in the photo. “Being a man in a sari would get me nowhere,” they said. Guess who walks in it on the streets of one of the world’s great fashion capitals? Sen wrote in his post.

Here is the post:

The photo sparked a lot of reactions and tons of rave reviews from netizens. Many have commented on how the red bindi improved the overall aesthetic.

Sen went viral last year as well, posting a photo of himself wearing red lipstick to send a message to relatives who “shamed” his 54-year-old mother for wearing red lipstick. Sporting dark eyes with bold red lips, he took to social media to tell the story: “My mother, a 54 year old woman, was humiliated by some of our closest relatives for wearing red lipstick in a family get together. So yesterday I sent them all this photo with a “Hello.” Get well quickly. ‘ a message.”

Social media has recently seen an increase in examples of androgynous fashion with the two celebrities as well, adopting gender neutral clothing, slowly evolving into something of a movement. Actors such as Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Aparshakti Khurana and Jim Sarbh especially experimented with their styles and tried to make their fashion statements more inclusive.

Last year, pop singer Harry Styles shattered male straightjacket stereotypes when he appeared in a flowy dress over a jacket. Styles said he loved to dress up since he was a kid and was inspired by British icons like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, John Elton who experimented with their styles.

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