LA Designer Madame Weathersby Launches Detailed, Renegade-Inspired Luxury Handbag Collection

By Susan Payne

1836 is the year of the Texas Revolution. For designer Rachel Weathersby, 1836 is the craftsmanship and historical evolution of this period that inspired a new line of handbags for artists, renegades and expressionists of our time.

Each bag is handcrafted and designed with luxury materials and is a statement of the wonder, artistry, inspiration, history and endurance of humankind and inspired by the artistic expression of Mrs. Weathersby. Refined details and bold designs elevate the bag to a class of its own – a treasure for everyday use or a power statement for a night out.

The boldest statement that accompanies its design are the bullets – symbolizing the rebellion within us to harness inner strength, resist norms and meet challenges head-on.

Weathersby began designing women’s clothing in 2010, selling her line in boutiques before branching out into designing baby shoes and coats. In 2011, Weathersby began nurturing the idea for 1836, a design inspired by his love for history and the Republic of Texas.

Weathersby lived in Houston for a time and through the pursuit of history found in museums, architecture, and art, the idea behind 1836 was finally beginning to bear fruit.

“Texas is a unique place with a position that simulates its own republic. With a desire to be independent and beliefs that define the culture of its people, I wanted to give 1836 that kind of feeling. The nonconformity of its name seduced me. Texas is different,” Weathersby said.

The 1836 comes in a standard size, handcrafted with a bullet strap and made from a range of materials including aged buffalo leather, alligator, caiman and crocodile.

“For people who love luxury bags, the most unusual and unique part of this bag is the weapon holder. I wanted a touch of rebellion that was also respectable. Everyone should put a touch of rebellion in what does – nonconformity is what makes a person unique and the 1836 embodies that spirit,” she said.

The products created by Weathersby, although different, were designed for a specific purpose. The 1836 was designed for people to rediscover a sense of their originality.

“This bag is so different among all of today’s trending products and styles, people will ask where you got it. That doesn’t happen with everyday, average products,” Weathersby said. “Because I design all the circuits and know the potential of my products, I think the people who buy my products buy my thoughtform. The 1836 is a form of excellence that stands out.

Weathersby attended Parsons School of Designs in New York and is currently based in Los Angeles. Growing up in northwest Indiana, Weathersby loved classical literature, music and art, old Hollywood movies, and architecture. Weathersby was drawn to design and wanted to be a fashion editor for a magazine.

Before designing womenswear in 2010, Weathersby designed a handbag covered in shimmering iridescences of peacock plumage, complete with a beautiful polished bamboo handle. This early design launched what would be the future of Mrs. Weathersby.

The 1836 will be available in retail stores and online. Watch a video of the detailed, Renegade-inspired Luxury Collection here:

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