Lada’s entire model line continues to get more expensive in Russia, but sales are increasing

AvtoVAZ is known as an economical car manufacturer with affordable prices for all its models, especially in its home market. However, the entire Lada range has seen a total of seven consecutive price increases in Russia in the past year, making them a bit more expensive.

Lada’s last price book update was on December 1, following another in mid-October. The new prices are still 2-5% higher than before, with an increase of 28,000 ($ 379) for the Granta and XRay, 40,000 ($ 542) for the Vesta, 32,000 ($ 433) for the Largus , 16,000 ($ 217) for the Niva Legend and 27,000 ($ 366) for the Niva Travel. This makes the current prices as follows:

  • Lada Granta: from 587,900 ($ 7,966)
  • Lada Vesta: from 835,900 ($ 11,318)
  • Lada XRay: from 802,900 ($ 10,875)
  • Lada Largus: from 812,900 ($ 11,010)
  • Lada Niva Legend: from 675,900 ($ 9,152)
  • Lada Niva trip: from 858,900 ($ 11,630)

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While those numbers don’t seem like much – especially for US standards – the total change in the cost of Ladas in Russia in 2021 has been quite large. Overall, since the start of the year, the margin has been 20% for Granta, 23% for Vesta, 21% for Xray and 24% for Largus.

According to Russian media reports, Sergei Chemezov, CEO of Rostec State Corporation, said that AvtoVAZ increases the cost of its models by an average of 9-12% per year, which is in line with competing brands. He claimed that the increase is linked to global inflationary processes like the substantial increase in the cost of steel, plastics and electronics after the pandemic.

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Although they have become more expensive, the Lada models are selling better than last year with 294,422 units delivered in the first 10 months of 2021, an increase of 11.2% from the same period in 2020. .

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