Layla Kaisi Collection NZ Bespoke jewelry reflects client’s lifestyle

Layla Kaisi Collection (LKC) offers different types of custom-made handmade jewelry to enhance a person’s wardrobe and lifestyle. The latest collection is now available from New Zealand jewelry designers LKC.

Layla Kaisi Collection Ltd is pleased to announce that her latest NZ Made custom jewelry design is available. The designer is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and tours of her studio are open by appointment. The different pieces in the collection are designed to enhance a person’s wardrobe and lifestyle. The designer says she is a storyteller, expressing herself through bespoke fine jewelry. The brand is one of identity and transparency, exploring a personal narrative that can be worn.

Some pieces and the materials from which they are made are so unusual and rare that a single piece could be made by hand. The bespoke process is set to spark a revolution among wearers. Sophisticated aesthetics and effortless style allow customers to know the trends and find inspiration every day. Bespoke designs are at the forefront of a new design era. The jewelry designer’s pieces blend the traditional art of handcrafted fine jewelry with modern minimalist silhouettes.

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The designer of Layla Kaisi Collection Ltd did not initially work with jewelry. “I’ve seen my dad work with clients, with the gratitude and story behind every piece created for them,” she explained. Jewelry is one of the few things in the world that can carry a moment and convey an emotion in a way that no other object can. It is a physical, historical representation.

The New Zealand studio focuses on made-to-order pieces. Designers don’t create a piece and wait for a buyer. The creation of a piece begins at the time of the customer’s choice and is custom made for the time of the customer’s choice. The Layla Kaisi collection is locally made in Auckland, New Zealand and is made to order for a single customer.

About the company:

Layla Kaisi Collection Ltd offers bespoke handcrafted pieces. Some materials are so rare that the piece is one of a kind.

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Company Name: Layla Kaisi Collection Ltd
Contact person: Layla Kaissi
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Address:33 Shortland Street
Town: Auckland Business Center
State: Auckland 1010
Country: New Zealand

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