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Long Island, New York, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Luxe by Meena is a clothing story developed explicitly for women’s clothing and fashion. He leads the fashion and fashion market in the fashion industry in the United States. In the latest expansion, Luxe by Meena has introduced new features to its store which includes:

  1. Tehmeena Butt Lifting Leggings (Grey)
  2. Trina 2 Piece Set
  3. Copy of Cross My Heart Top (White)
  4. Show Stopper Set of 2 pieces (black)
  5. Vanessa 2 Piece Set (White)

All of the items mentioned above were originally produced by Tehmeena Afzal, the founder of Luxe by Meena, with the American fashion industry in mind. Moreover, the company also excels in producing high quality and fashionable Mink eyelashes. New in Mink lashes include:

  1. Jasmine Mink Lashes
  2. Tehmeena Mink Lashes
  3. Anastasia Mink lashes
  4. Liliana Mink Lashes
  5. Catalina Mink Lashes

These are cruel free luxury mink lashes, and the lashes can be worn up to 20 times with proper care. People can use the Mink Lashes produced by Luxe By Meena by following the rules below:

  1. Carefully remove the glue from the mink eyelashes with your fingers or tweezers.
  2. Avoid using water
  3. Avoid using chemicals

Luxe by Meena promises fashionable and popular mink dresses and eyelashes in their catalog for potential customers.

The founder of the company – Tehmeena Afzal
Tehmeena Afzal has made headlines as one of New York’s top softball players. She earned a full athletic scholarship to the New York Institute of Technology, earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and graphic design. In 2017, she worked at Westbury Nissan in Special Finance when she met BQ, and they became partners.
Bryant Quintana is one of the best CFOs in the country. He also made it to the final leg of The Jersey Shore season 2 cast, but too disappointed they decided to go with the original cast, so BQ never made the show. After being together for five years, they are making big waves in the industry and are now known as “Crazy NY Couple”.

Net value
When it comes to their earnings, Bryant is one of the top automotive CFOs in the country. Tehmeena is an entrepreneur with her brand Luxe by Meena, which offers a wide range of products ranging from women’s clothing to cosmetics. As a result, this couple’s net worth is expected to be around $1.5 million. Additionally, Tehmeena & BQ create content for their OnlyFans account.

social media personality
On many social media platforms, including Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram, Tehmeena is hugely popular, with millions of followers across all of her platforms. Like how Afzal became quite famous due to the images she shared on her accounts, so does BQ, with over 71,000 followers on Instagram, widely known as the “Million Dollar Finance Man and a “Playboy” due to its popularity with Ladies. Additionally, this celebrity power couple is featured in the reality series “Bling Life,” which will air in August 2022.
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