Michigan State Donor Set to Launch ‘SD4L’ Clothing Brand

On the June 22 episode of The SD4L lounge, host Brian Mosallam announced that an MSU-themed clothing brand named “SD4L” would be launched in the near future. The brand’s acronym stands for “Spartan Dawg 4 Life”, a phrase that has long referred to any individual who was once a student-athlete at Michigan State University. Next Wednesday, Steve St. Andre, MSU alumnus, CEO of Shift Digital, will join the show to discuss his vision for the brand and ways Spartan Nation can get involved.

Meanwhile, Mosallam, a former MSU board member who played football at MSU from 1992 to 1996, was able to shed some light on the company. On the show, he explained that the company will hire influencers to market the brand’s clothing and products. He pointed out that while SD4L is very wWell funded, it is not a collective. To give fans access, the brand wI have different levels of memberships and publicity opportunities “so the whole Spartan Nation can participate”. He said that the whole gSD4L’s goal is to bring fans closer to MSU’s athletics programs. At launch, there will be exclusive, limited-edition apparel and merchandise that will only be available to members.

MSU head coach Mel Tucker wearing a chain and SD4L hoodie during an official visit weekend in June (Photo: Instagram/@coach_mtucker)

After the show, Mosallam broke down the brand in basic terms to Spartan Tailgate, along with the decision to rename his show accordingly. “It’s like Nike or Adidas, but for MSU-themed clothing. That’s basically what it is, a clothing brand designed to benefit Spartan Nation and so they can wear it as a badge of honor. And the purpose of my show is to shine a light on the brand.” he said.


Based on the brand structure, it’s entirely plausible that this could yield noticeable recruiting benefits. If the brand is not intended to be a recruitment tool by its very definition, it all comes down to the fact that the brand is looking for relevant influencers to market the garment. Therefore, it would make sense for the group of endorsers to be derived from current MSU student-athletes with notable social media followings.

If so, recruits will begin to realize that these potential marketing opportunities could be waiting for them if they choose to attend MSU. In short, tThis unique, well-funded business venture could position MSU athletes at the forefront of the marketing landscape.

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