‘New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art’ from MNB Collection Triumphs in Dubai

The objective of the exhibition was to open a dialogue between the abstract voices of the Arab and Hungarian art scene, presenting a new insight into the experimentation and innovation of a new rising generation of Hungarian artists. “It is extremely important for Hungarian artists to have international exposure at this level. The talent in our country is truly amazing and they are producing groundbreaking art in new and inventive ways. Many are embracing new senses and experiences as part of their art and we wanted to share these new ideas and forms with the art world, and there was no better place to start than in dubai – where innovation, breaking boundaries and pioneering are woven into the fabric of society here. Our mindsets are very similar and we wanted to demonstrate our commonalities and connect our rich cultural diversities through art and culture,” says Kinga HamvaiMNB Arts and Culture.

In Hungary, the notion of abstraction has always been linked to the idea of ​​progressiveness: artists have endeavored to merge the global and the local, the contemporary and the timeless. This led to the emergence of unique proposals, enriching existing interpretations of painting today, while the history of abstract art merges with utopian ideas of reinventing itself.

Dates and cities for the exhibition’s world tour will be announced in April.

On MNB-Ingatlan Kft.

MNB-Ingatlan Kft. is a real estate development and rental operations company, which cultivates and preserves works of art through its Arts and Culture department, with the mission to develop, maintain and create worldwide notoriety for Hungarian artists and their works.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1767155/MNB_Ingatlan.jpg

SOURCE MNB-Ingatlan Kft.

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