New title Mafia from Hangar 13 “A few years from now”

Welcome to the family, once again

There have been many takes on the “crime genre” over the years. Of course, you probably know the most famous ones like Grand Theft Auto Where Saints Row, but there is another who has tried to make a name for himself via the more “traditional” type of crime. No, we’re not talking about Radio Jet Set. We talk about the Mafia franchise! These games place you in various crime families across the United States at key times and allow you to become the big boss/Don you were destined to be.

The franchise no longer exists (outside of a remaster) since Mafia 3, which many considered a big step forward for the franchise in some areas. Now the Hangar 13 team has confirmed that a new game in the series is coming from them. Although there is a small caveat:

“Although there are a few years left and we can’t share anything more at this time, we are truly excited to continue working on this beloved franchise and entertaining our players with new stories.”

Although there aren’t many details aside from their statement, the common belief is that the game will be a prequel to the franchise. This will allow them to “be on new ground” as they rebuild the franchise.

Hangar 13 hasn’t had the best of times recently, including losing one of its key developers and having one of its projects canceled by 2K. A title they had been working on for about five years. It’s never an easy thing to recover.

Of course, the irony of all this is that the two “rivals” in the detective genre we mentioned earlier are going through some interesting times themselves, and not all of them are good. The Saints Row the just-released reboot did not receive praise from fans or critics. The minus is because of all the bugs in the game and lackluster gameplay and story. Which at one time was what the franchise was known for.

As for Grand Theft Auto, they’ve banked their fifth title and online titles for so long that they didn’t even confirm that a sixth main game was in the works until very recently. As such, they will continue to leverage what they have right now until new releases, which could also be ones that are “years later”.

Is the Mafia franchise returns and causes a stir? Of course it is possible. It will depend on how Hangar 13 does things and if they try to move the direction of the game forward. We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: VGC

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