Protective clothing can improve quality of life for farmers, expert says: The Tribune India


Ludhiana, September 19

The Department of Clothing and Textile Sciences of the Agricultural University of Punjab has asked farmers to adopt protective clothing when performing agricultural operations.

“Many occupational risks are encountered by farmers and workers during agricultural activities. These include hazards from agricultural machinery, biological and chemical, social and environmental stresses. Reorganizing these dangers and their corrective measures will help farmers and their families, ”said Rajdeep Kaur, scientist from the Clothing and Textile Science Department.

“The sustainable use of protective clothing will improve the quality of life,” she added.

“We have developed protective clothing for most of the problems. Research carried out by scientists is disseminated to beneficiaries. In addition, protective clothing was available at meetings of kisan melas and kisan clubs before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, ”said Manisha Sethi, a researcher in the Department of Clothing and Textile Sciences.

Two- and three-layer cotton protective masks, gloves for okra and sugarcane harvesters, kurta with hood for wheat harvesters, pajamas kurta for berry harvesters and a scarf / cap with masks are available from the Apparel and Textile Science Experiential Unit of the College of Community Science and Seed Store at Door # 1. — TNS

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