Quadrifolium, an NFT marketplace created by designers for designers, is launching a native NFT collection promoting a $100 million giveaway.

CryptoClovers first non-fungible lucky tokens have the potential to enter the Guinness World Record as the largest NFT collection calling coiners and collectors for help.

Quadrifolium is the next Binance Chain marketplace built to compete with industry giants like Opensea and Rarible. Developed by an enthusiastic team of passionate developers and designers, Quadrifolium will soon provide a social environment for artists and collectors to create, buy and sell NFTs like never before.

Designers who dreamed of a free NFT listing will be served. Users will be allowed to chat and trade NFT prices. Quadrifolium will come with brokerage solutions for artists to sell more by giving affiliates and commissions. Investors looking for NFT royalties will always find the best deals. Confirmed collectors will be allowed to purchase NFTs at a discount by freezing holdings for 6 months. In other words, Quadrifolium sets new industry standards on top of low Binance sales and fast transactions to kill Ethereum-based platforms.

As a marketplace planning its big launch, Quadrifolium had to solve the chicken and egg problem. Many NFT platforms would start by attracting artists to create NFTs, but this is not how Quadrifolium sees it. Quadrifolium is an NFT marketplace made by designers for designers. The team plans to gain traction by introducing a native collection called CryptoClovers.

As a long-term project, the public would appreciate the effort and the token utilities. CryptoClovers represent the digital replacement for four-leaf clovers. They are the first non-fungible lucky tokens to be introduced on a blockchain. They consist of 999,999 unique four-leaf clovers developed to attract fortune to holders through well-designed smart contracts and utilities with a 10% royalty.

CryptoClovers coiners and primary buyers will receive passive income whenever their tokens are sold. They will also receive free NFTs via Quadrifoliums giveaways, as the market plans to transfer some of them, 100,000 CryptoClovers, worse $100 million. Holders can also receive other free NFTs from upcoming artists, as Quadrifolium is building a giveaway feature that will allow each designer to promote their collection by freely transferring a number of random artworks to CryptoClovers holders . That being said, CryptoClovers are truly bringing good luck to the Quadrifolium community who will also benefit from lifetime discount offers from Nike, Apple, Lego, and many other brands. Quadrifolium is building a community of lucky people who can come together to mint and collect the world’s largest collection of NFTs in exchange for such great rewards.

To learn more about the project, visit: cryptoclovers.io

About Quadrifolia

quadrifolium created and developed the first blockchain lucky tokens. Consisting of 999,999 Crypto arts, these are digital four-leaf clovers with human characteristics to increase the luck of the holder.

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Company Name: quadrifolium
Contact person: Tibere Pey
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Town: Paris
Country: France
Website: CryptoClovers.io

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