Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery Singer has moved to Austin, Texas

Wasn’t it yesterday that we learned that Singer Avery packed his bags and left the Big Apple for a new start in Chicago, Illinois. If it sounds like that, it’s because it was… basically. Avery didn’t leave home to seek new experiences until last September, just 4 months ago. And that was right after spending much of the pandemic in Florida with both parents. The girl loves the jet set.

And yes, you read correctly. the The real housewives of New York ex, Mario Singer and Singer Ramona, quarantined together. I can only imagine what it must have been. It brings back memories of the first season of RHONY, where Ramona and Mario lived in marital bliss, and Avery was the only voice of reason in the series. Even as a pre-teen. Which says a lot.

Today however, it seems Avery inherited more of her mother’s thirst for travel (and a touch of entitlement) than she had wanted to want to return back then. She had barely landed in Chicago long enough for the janitor to unpack her bags, before announcing that she had already jumped into town in Austin, Texas.

According to Well done, Avery moved in early 2022, announcing on his Instagram account that “The most spontaneous thing I sure did in January 2022 was to move to Austin, TX.” Now girl, hold on to your hat, we are not even mid January yet, I am sure you have plenty of time to do something else worth releasing.

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Avery continued to share with her followers that although, “I loved my time in Chicago and will definitely be back, I always intended to live in a few US cities for a few months each while I was away. and without a lease because I know I won’t always have this opportunity, so I sublet there on a short-term basis, which I also do in Austin.

I can’t lie, it would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about a job, money or rent, and just roam the country exploring new places and meeting new people. Discreet jealous of Avery have the capacity to do so. As she says, “I’m so happy to push myself to explore and step out of my comfort zone while meeting amazing people along the way.”

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