Rare Warhammer Thunderhawk kit sold for record $ 35,000


A rare all-metal Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship model is carefully placed in a custom foam case to be carried by a pair of black-gloved hands.

Imagine if a coin fell at this precise moment.
Screenshot: Squidmar / Youtube Thumbnails

War hammer is an expensive hobby and this for a very long time. Seize a viable force from Games Workshop tabletop figures, whether in Age of Sigmarthe fantasy of Where 40Kthe flavors of the distant future– can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, even above all the kit to build, paint, transport and play with. But this 24 year old kit takes the cake.

Hobby YouTuber Squidmar Miniatures (via Polygon) paved the way for the soaring value of one of the rarest War hammer existing miniature kits. A table-scale 1997 Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship received a custom paint job, turning a rare, unbuilt copy of the kit into the most valuable War hammer model in the world. Auctioned to an Australian hobby shop for display at a truly absurd price of $ 34,882 (funny fact, that’s about 64 times the price of an army of elves of the kingdom lord Lumineth in pointed hat I just bought, readers), the assembled and painted ship is now officially the most expensive War hammer miniature ever.

The Thunderhawk Gunship, a Space Marine warship that is essentially part a heavy assault fighter and part a personnel carrier for the huge armored soldiers of the Imperium of Mankind, has had several designs since that rare release. from 1997. The current one, for example, will set you back a still heavy $ 770. What makes the original Thunderhawk so rare is that not only is it an all-metal kit (the modern kit is made of resin, so it won’t make your arms curl when you try to pick it up), but it was part of an extremely limited series production set. Games Workshop produced a few for its own shows at conventions in the mid-90s, but then retailed the set for $ 650 in 1997, where only 500 were made and placed in lavish wooden boxes. numbered.

The assembled and unassembled versions of the kit have already sold for a fraction of the price of that here, according to Polygon, between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000. This makes Squidmar Miniature’s paint job on the already rare model add a frankly banana sum to the frenzy surrounding its auction. I will never complain to a box of five elves on kangaroos costs $ 60 again.

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