‘Reacher’ Stays True to Why Book Character Doesn’t Care About Clothes

Fans of Lee Child’s book series, Jack Reach, have never seen the on-screen character played by Tom Cruise. After an entire franchise, fans felt that the book’s popular characters hadn’t come to life 100%. Amazon Prime Videos To reach The series, starring Alan Ritchson, embodied the character like never before. Not only with the physique and the behavior of the actor, but how the To reach the character cares about clothes.

Main character Jack Reacher in the series ‘Reacher’ | through Amazon Prime Video

“Reacher” involves a former army soldier living as a nomad

When fans first encounter Ritchson’s Jack Reacher on the show, he immediately grabs attention. A huge reason is his tall and muscular physique which is surprisingly different from Tom Cruise’s version. He often talks about how he now lives his life doing whatever he wants throughout the series. He goes from one state to another living like a nomad. After leaving the army, he has time ahead of him.

When he reaches Margrave, Georgia, fans learn just how To reach stuck more to the book version of the character. He is not agile and cannot run quickly and almost elegantly. Reacher is a brutal and muscular soldier. He arrives in town with almost nothing except the clothes on his back and a passport.

Fans repeatedly see in To reach that the character has little interest in material things. This emerges when looking at her clothing choices and shopping habits. Lee Child explains how his mind works.

‘Reacher’ Shows Fans That Jack Reacher Cares Very Little About Clothes

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Compared to To reach, fans can tell that the movies give the character more pizzazz with his clothes in the Tom Cruise franchise. It is functional but more elaborate than what we see in the series. According to Slate, Reacher’s clothing choice in the series mimics Child’s character portrayal in a new intro to slaughter area.

As seen in the series, Reacher has very little interest in understanding what is considered “normal” civilian life outside of the military. Child describes it as follows: “if he doesn’t know how something works, he just doesn’t participate”. Reacher cares much less about how he dresses.

He arrives in town wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. He goes to a thrift store and buys something to stay decent and a jacket when he needs clothes. In one scene, he notices that his jacket has a hole in the back, covers it with duct tape, and wears it for the rest of the series.

“To him, it’s a rigorously rational solution to an obvious problem,” Child wrote. “The contrast between his narrow, highly developed skills and his general impotence humanizes him.” Fans laugh at him wearing a New York tourist shirt, but he doesn’t care because it’s functional. He even gladly throws on a new suit.

Is the character’s take on clothing in “Reacher” rational?

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The fan explains that Reacher travels the country with a toothbrush, a passport and the clothes he wears on his back. He also rarely washes his clothes or just buys a new set.

For many, Jack Reacher has no baggage or care for clothes in a minimalist mindset. It could also stem from the fact that he lived most of his life in the military and constantly moved around with his family. On Reddit, a fan asks if Reacher’s lifestyle habits are idealistic or possible.

“He stays in cheap hotels/motels. He takes gifts whenever he can and pays the rest out of an army pension he took before the maximum age, and from funds he manages to to find along the way,” the fan said.

A fan on Reddit explained that the character is “The Lone Wanderer. A popular trope in film and literature. The original fan’s question isn’t necessarily about practicality. “Possible, but is it desirable? How do you experience the loneliness punctuated by brief encounters with various aspects of humanity?” says the fan. “Reacher’s habits in the series are a way for the character to continue living his story and create interesting storylines. Other Reddit fans think it’s impossible right now.

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