Rising gasoline prices: “Fuel has never been so expensive”

Gasoline prices exceeded those observed in 2018, according to data from Gaspy.


Gasoline prices exceeded those observed in 2018, according to data from Gaspy.

Gaspy’s gasoline price data shows motorists paying even higher prices at the pump than the peak of 2018.

“91 has cracked $ 2.50 and the national average of 91 is $ 2.39,” said Larry Green, founder of gasoline price monitoring service Gaspy.

“Fuel has never been so expensive in New Zealand,” he said.

Demand for fuel is suppressed by Covid restrictions on personal freedoms in Auckland, but has rebounded in areas where Covid restrictions are lighter.

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Mike Noon, general manager of automotive affairs at AA, said pricing was driven by pressure from outside the country.

Global fuel demand was increasing as countries tried to return to normal post-Covid restrictions.

But Noon said, “There is a supply problem. OPEC’s supply really hasn’t grown as much as we thought. “


A constant queue of drivers took advantage of Gull Millwater’s cheap gas prices in 2018.

OPEC is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

“There is a great demand for energy. Countries are getting out of Covid pretty quickly, ”Noon said.

Gasoline prices have reached record highs.

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Gasoline prices have reached record highs.

China has resumed importing coal from Australia, despite ongoing diplomatic disputes between the two countries.

Noon did not believe that the price increases at the pump were the result of increased margins at gasoline retailers.

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