Sarah Jessica Parker’s Plaza Suite Premiere Dress Is a “New York Pink” Dream

The first layer of the dress was cut from a crepe silk satin in a shade that Gurung describes as “New York rose” – “it’s not a hot pink, it’s almost like there’s a light film of dust on it”, he explains. It was then topped with an ethereal double layer of cloak-like sheer silk tulle, hand-embroidered with crystals, sequins and bugle beads which Gurung and his team would sew into the dress until the very last. minute. To finish the look, Parker’s hairstylist Serge Normand designed a sculptural updo to recall the air of classic 1960s fashion photography the pair hoped to achieve. “There’s something very old school about it, like it’s a classic Avedon photograph,” adds Gurung. “It’s glamorous, but it’s still graceful.”

As we speak, Gurung has just finished adding the finishing touches to the dress before Parker prepares to hop in her car and hit the red carpet — and finally, celebrate her return to Broadway in grand style. “When she got dressed, I was just like, ‘oh my God, she looks like royalty!'” Gurung said. “It always makes me very emotional, because it reminds me how lucky I am. I know our industry can be tough and difficult at times, but in times like this, I’m so grateful that our work can be a source of joy and optimism for someone. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be able to create something beautiful for a dear friend of mine. With an opening night to cut breath like this, we’re sure the feeling is mutual.

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