Scottsdale store says customers’ clothes will be ‘donated to charity’

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Customers at an alterations store in Scottsdale wonder if they’ll ever see their clothes again after the store apparently closed without warning.

The only communication was a sign posted on the front door stating that all their clothes would be donated to charity.

After 12 News looked into the issue, the owner said that was not the case and people would get their clothes back.

“You come here hoping to get your clothes back. Not a note saying they were given away. customer Lindsay Coate said.

Coate went to Quality Alterations by Nadya in Scottsdale after receiving a friend’s recommendation. Yelp has many five-star reviews for the store that’s been in business for nearly two decades.

“And Nadya was lovely. She took my jeans, measured them, and said I’d have them ready in a week,” Coate recalled.

However, when Coate returned, the lights were out and the door was locked. The store has remained closed ever since.

“He’s looked dark and black ever since,” Coate said.

Calls to the owner went unanswered. The only message was a white paper sign posted ahead of time that read:

“Your clothes will be given [sic] for charities.”

“It was like, ‘how do I get my pants back?’ How do other people get their stuff back,” Coate said.

12 News went to the home of owner Nadya Yanovskaya to find out what was going on.

Yanovskaya said she was hospitalized with COVID and was unable to work or communicate with people. She said she had just started walking and hoped to return next week.

“My wife has COVID and she says she’s going to battle it,” said Michael Serheev, a former business associate.

Serheev said she helped him for a while. He said that despite the sign, no clothes were given.

“Everything must be returned, 99% is done,” Serheev said.

Michael says he has no idea who signed up the charity. Yanovskaya told 12 News she hopes to be back at work in a week and everyone will get their clothes back.

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